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  1. Friday the 13th - Wikipedia › wiki › Friday_The_13th

    Friday the 13th is considered an unlucky day in Western superstition. It occurs when the 13th day of the month in the Gregorian calendar falls on a Friday, which happens at least once every year but can occur up to three times in the same year. For example, 2015 had a Friday the 13th in February, March, and November; 2017 through 2020 had two Friday the 13ths each; and the years 2021 and 2022 will both have just one occurrence each.

  2. Friday the 13th - Origins, History & Superstition - HISTORY › topics › folklore

    The horror movie Friday the 13th, released in 1980, introduced the world to a hockey mask-wearing killer named Jason, and is perhaps the best-known example of the famous superstition in pop culture...

  3. Dec 13, 2019 · The real Friday the 13th hysteria started in the 20th century. Many date this back to Thomas Lawson’s book “Friday, the Thirteenth” which is about a stockbroker who chooses this day to ...

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  5. 13 Facts About Friday the 13th - Time and Date › calendar › 13-things-friday-13

    Since 1995, Finland has dedicated one Friday the 13th in a year to observe National Accident Day. The day aims to raise awareness about safety—on the roads, at home, and at the workplace. 13. An Asteroid Will Safely Fly By the Earth in 2029. On a Friday the 13th! Friday, April the 13th, 2029, to be exact.

  6. Friday the 13th - › e › pop-culture

    Friday the 13th, which occurs whenever the 13th of any month falls on a Friday, is described as a day when bad things happen in the popular imagination and culture, especially when a Friday the 13th falls in October before Halloween. Halloween merchandise and content often incorporate Friday the 13th for spooky effect.

  7. What is Friday the 13th? (with pictures) › what-is-friday-the-13th

    Date: February 22, 2021. Jesus Christ was said to have been crucified on Friday the 13th, which is a possible reason that this day might be considered unlucky. Every now and then, the 13th day of the month happens to fall on a Friday. This can happen between one and three times a year.

  8. What is the meaning of Friday the 13th? | › Friday-the-13th

    Nov 13, 2009 · Question: "What is the meaning of Friday the 13th?" Answer: Friday the 13th occurs from one to three times per year when the 13th day of any month falls on a Friday. The fear of Friday the 13th is called “paraskevidekatriaphobia,” a word derived from the Greek words Paraskeví (Friday) and dekatreís (thirteen), attached to phobia (fear). Some people are so paralyzed by paraskevidekatriaphobia that they avoid normal activities, and some refuse to travel on that day.

  9. Months and Years having Friday the 13th › calendar › weekday-friday-13

    List of dates where Friday falls on the 13th of the month - or any other combination.

  10. 13 Freaky Facts About Friday the 13th | Live Science › 21579-friday-the-13th

    Jul 13, 2012 · Fittingly, director of psychological thrillers Alfred Hitchcock was born on the 13thFriday, Aug. 13, 1999, would have been his 100th birthday. Perhaps aptly titled "Number 13," a film that ...

  11. Every Single Friday The 13th Movie (In Chronological Order) › friday-the-13th-movies-every-in
    • Jason X (2002) The reason why Jason X is last on the list is that it takes place in 2455. The film was released in 2002. Plus it takes place entirely in space.
    • Friday The 13th (2009) So, you may be thinking this is unfair, as the 2009 Friday The 13th is a reboot. You’re right, there is no dispute here. However, we still need to acknowledge that, while it is a reboot, it is also a part of the franchise.
    • Freddy vs. Jason (2003) This shared-universe film pits Jason against Freddy Krueger, the killer from The Nightmare on Elm Street franchise. First, it’s about who can get the most kills (in a subtle way).
    • Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday (1993) This film just goes to show you, no matter what you do to Jason, he will find a way to kill. In Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday, he is literally blown up into millions of little pieces.
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    related to: What is Friday the 13th?