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    A·muse·ment park
    /əˈmyo͞ozmənt pärk/


    • 1. a large outdoor area with fairground rides, shows, refreshments, games of chance or skill, and other entertainments.

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  2. An amusement is an activity that produces that type of feeling. Watching a basketball game and flying a kite are amusements. Also, doing something fun fills you with the emotion of amusement. To amuse is to entertain, and when you add the suffix -ment to the end of the verb, you get the noun or the feeling you gain from being amused.

  3. 1. the state of being amused or of finding something funny. a smile of amusement. diversión. 2. an entertainment or interest. surfing and other holiday amusements. distracción, entretenimiento. aˈmusing adjective. rather funny or humorous. an amusing story. divertido. aˈmusingly adverb.

  4. noun Definition of amusement as in entertainment the act or activity of providing pleasure or amusement especially for the public with the opening of Disneyland in 1955, the film producer Walt Disney greatly expanded his amusement empire Synonyms & Similar Words Relevance entertainment recreation enjoyment diversion production mirth distraction joy

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    Amusement is the state of experiencing humorous and entertaining events or situations while the person or animal actively maintains the experience, and is associated with enjoyment, happiness, laughter and pleasure. It is an emotion with positive valence and high physiological arousal.

  6. amusement n (state of being entertained) entretenimiento nm : diversión nf : The band played a second encore for our amusement. La banda tocó una segunda repetición para nuestro entretenimiento. La banda tocó una segunda repetición para nuestra diversión. amusement n: usually plural (fairground ride) (gen pl) atracción nf

  7. Oct 9, 2008 · Amusement 2008 R 1 h 25 m IMDb RATING 4.9 /10 12K YOUR RATING Rate Play trailer 1:18 1 Video 56 Photos Crime Horror Mystery Three women are stalked by a killer with a grudge that extends back to the girls' childhoods. Director John Simpson Writer Jake Wade Wall Stars Katheryn Winnick Laura Breckenridge Jessica Lucas

  8. Amusement is a 2008 American anthology horror film directed by John Simpson and starring Keir O'Donnell, Katheryn Winnick, Laura Breckenridge and Jessica Lucas. The film went direct-to-video in January 2009. It was the last film to be distributed by Picturehouse before their closure in 2008.

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