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    What is the meaning of the word punk?

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    What is Punk Roc?

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  2. RhymeZone: Adjectives for punk › r › rhyme

    Commonly used words are shown in bold.Rare words are dimmed. Click on a word above to view its definition.

  3. Punk | Definition of Punk by Merriam-Webster › dictionary › punk

    Punk definition is - a usually petty gangster, hoodlum, or ruffian. How to use punk in a sentence.

  4. Punk - Daily Writing Tips › punk

    2. punk (noun): a long skinny taper used to light fireworks. Fireworks should be lit with punk or an extended butane lighting device. Don’t leave matches and lighted punk where ladies may tread on them. 3. punk (adjective): in poor health, under the weather. Sadie is feeling punk: I think her tooth is bothering her.

  5. punk - Dictionary Definition : › dictionary › punk

    The Algonquin word for dust or ashes, ponk is the most likely root of punk, which originally described rotten wood used to start fires. That meaning is also found in the adjective form of punk, poor quality, or disposable.

  6. PUNK Synonyms & Antonyms | › browse › punk

    Find 13 ways to say PUNK, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

  7. Punk - definition of punk by The Free Dictionary › punk

    Define punk. punk synonyms, punk pronunciation, punk translation, English dictionary definition of punk. ) n. 1. Slang a. An often aggressive or violent young person ...

  8. What is another word for punk? | Punk Synonyms - WordHippo ... › what-is › another-word-for

    Synonyms for punk include thug, hoodlum, goon, hood, tough, roughneck, gangster, yob, mobster and yobbo. Find more similar words at!

  9. Punk rock | Definition of Punk rock at › browse › punk-rock

    a type of rock-'n'-roll, reaching its peak in the late 1970s and characterized by loud, insistent music and abusive or violent protest lyrics, and whose performers and followers are distinguished by extremes of dress and socially defiant behavior.

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