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  1. Jul 15, 2020 · There is no doubt that the current Ford Ranger is geared more towards payload and towing capability, which the Bronco is an all-out off-road focused SUV. The Bronco can also be configures with...

  2. Those buying a Bronco should drive the Ranger | Hooniverse › those-buying-a-bronco-should
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    This is the frame of the Ford Bronco. Immediately two huge differences between the Bronco and the Ranger are visible. First, the Ranger is not available with the 2.7-liter V6 engine. Second, the Bronco has rear coil spring suspension whereas the Ranger has leaf springs. The placement of EVAP and fuel tank is obviously different on the pickup, too. The front suspension will vary greatly in geometry in order to be able to accommodate the 35-inch tires. Furthermore, the wheelbase of the Ranger is 126.8-inches and the Bronco is either 100.4 or 116.1-inches. The frame thickness itself can be different, too. For instance, the F-150 has three different frame thicknesses based on length, options, and payload. With all that we can even say that the whole frame will be unique to each vehicle.

    Having identified so many differences between the two vehicles, what similarities could possibly bring them together? For one, the base engine in the Bronco is identical to the Ranger. While Ford did not make it official yet, the weight of the four-door Bronco seems to range between 4500 and 5300 pounds. That’s a wide range but the Sasquatch Package, engine, and top choices probably add a lot to it. The four-door Ranger 4×4 weighs just over 4,400 pounds. When cruising unloaded, the turbocharged four-banger is absolutely sufficient for the Ranger duty. Throttle response is excellent and highway passing is a breeze. Ford’s 10-speed transmission is programmed very conservatively in the F-150 – I recall once being in sixth gear at 30-something MPH in the F-150. In the Ranger, whose engine isn’t as flexible as the F-150’s twin-turbo V6, that transmission stays longer in lower gears. This in turn results in a more responsive engine. Overall, the 2.3-liter four-cylinder that Ford has used...

    The SUV sibling to the Tacoma is the 4Runner. The Wrangler has the Gladiator as its pickup relative. In both cases, each SUV shares a lot with its pickup relative. Having driven all four of those vehicles, perhaps I can draw some parallels between them and the Ranger/Bronco. The driver’s sitting position in the 4Runner is just weird. One sits rather low in the seat with legs stretched forward. It feels more compact car than a truck. The Tacoma is the same way. I have not met a person yet who would say good things about it. Another issue with both vehicles is a slight but weird body dive when coming to a stop. I cannot explain why this happens but it was annoying enough for me to replace the front shocks with quality Bilstein units in my own 4Runner. The biggest difference between the Gladiator and the Wrangler is the longer wheelbase of the Gladiator. That translates into a nicer and smoother ride for the pickup. But because both vehicles have solid front axles, which significantly...

    Having driven all the vehicles mentioned above, I can make some predictions about the Bronco’s base engine, handling, and interior. 1. The interior will feel airier than the Wrangler. It’s an odd thing to say for a vehicle with a removable roof and doors may feel cramped but try it for yourself. The Bronco will feel more like a typical SUV than a large-sized side-by-side. The seats will be wider and there will be more storage space. 2. The Bronco will ride and handle better than the Wrangler. It’s simply the issue of its front axle. But those wishing to venture far off-road should really opt for the Sasquatch Package of the Bronco in the Badlands and First Edition trims. This will have all the off-road goodies and be extremely comparative with the Wrangler Rubicon in that segment. 3. The four-banger will be good enough of an engine for most people. It won’t win any drag races but it won’t be the slowest thing on the road, either. I predict that it will be on par with Toyota’s and Je...

    Given its initial reception, the Bronco will be a serious threat to Jeep’s Wrangler. Its design seems to address many intrinsic issues that the Wrangler has without sacrificing capability and looks. It seems to bepriced right, too. The base engine will be sufficient enough for most people and the V6 isn’t a pricey option. If the smoothness and comfort I liked in the Ranger carry over to the Bronco, Jeep should really worry about the Bronco’s bite into Wrangler’s sales.

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  4. Jul 14, 2020 · Bronco is a body-on-frame truck-based traditional SUV with a longitudinally mounted engine, based on the next-generation Ford Ranger pickup truck. Bronco Sport is based on the transverse-engine,...

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    • Base Model ($29,995) The base Bronco is already a highly capable off-road truck right off the bat. It comes standard with four-wheel drive and an electronic two-speed transfer case with a 2.72:2 low ratio.
    • Big Bend ($34,480) Upgrade to the Big Bend model and you get an additional G.O.A.T. driving mode. Don't worry, that's not all. It adds 17-inch gray-painted aluminum wheels wrapped in 255/75 all-terrain rubber, and up front you'll see a carbonized gray grille to match the wheels and LED fog lamps.
    • Black Diamond ($37,545) The Black Diamond model adds a bit of heavy-duty off-road hardware including a stronger front bumper and powder-coated steel rear bumper along with rock rails and "bash plates" underneath.
    • Outer Banks ($40,450) Outer Banks is the luxury-oriented trim, comparable to the Jeep Wrangler Sahara. It only gets six G.O.A.T. modes, but it has LED lighting, heated front-row bucket seats, and the Mid package, which adds features including dual-zone climate control, remote start, and Ford's Co-Pilot360 active-safety features.
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    Although they both share a straight rear axle, the Ranger has leaf sprung rear, whereas the bronco has a coil sprung rear. This is a huge difference when it comes to towing.

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