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      • The film is about a nuclear armed prototype android named EVE gone amok while being field tested by the military in a big city. The film stars Gregory Hines as Col. Jim McQuade and Dutch actress Renée Soutendijk (in her first U.S. film) with the dual roles as the robot's creator Dr. Eve Simmons, and the robot Eve herself.
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  2. Search and Destroy (1988) - IMDb › title › tt0096063

    Aug 31, 1988 · Directed by J. Christian Ingvordsen. With Joe Ambrose, Tom Banks, Jeff Barton, Paul Birk. Terrorists destroy a chemical factory. A virus is released that infects the people of the town with a strange psychosis.

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  3. Searching for Destruction - IMDb › title › tt1807008

    The story of a 19 year old Londoner's 4 month tour of Northern Ireland in the 1970s with the British army. Novel available on Amazon Kindle.

  4. Invention for Destruction - Wikipedia › wiki › Invention_for_Destruction

    Based on several works by Jules Verne, primarily his 1896 novel Facing the Flag (with which the film shares its Czech title), the film evokes the original illustrations for Verne's works by combining live actors with various forms of animation.

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    Oct 16, 2020 · The story of Kane and the Undertaker will be told in Brothers of Destruction, a new documentary from WWE Studios set to premiere at Austin Film Festival. Behind the scenes, the two wrestlers are...

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    May 22, 2015 · In it, solar flares from the sun heat up the Earth’s core, and a series of unfortunate meteorological and seismic events ensue. Nobody anywhere on the planet is safe, and the scale of the...

  7. The White House Destruction | 2012 Film Wiki | Fandom › The_White_House_Destruction
    • History
    • Casualties from The Destruction
    • Places Destroyed in The Destruction
    • Trivia

    Before the Destruction

    During the 2012 apocalypse, the Yellowstone Ash cloud hit Washington, D.C shortly after the US President Thomas Wilson addressed the nation one last time. (However, the city wasn't incinerated due to the large distance and was instead seen being covered in ash) Several ambulances were called to help and care for patients who have survived the earthquakes around other cities or are taken shelter in the White House and tents around the area. President Wilson finds a young little girl with a wom...

    The Earthquake

    While President Wilson was looking for the girl's parents, a rumbling noise is heard and a large earthquake, magnitude of 9.4, strikes the capital of USA. As everyone struggles to survive the deadly earthquake, President Wilson watches in horror as the Washington Monument begins to shake, crack and crumble. Then the Washington Monument is then destroyed as it collapsed to the ground. On Air Force One, the earthquake is reported and the plane's communications to the White House has lost, makin...

    The Tsunami

    After the earthquake came to a halt, the ash was still raining and President Wilson regains consciousness to find something coming through the ash cloud and fog. He hears a noise and sees a gigantic mega-tsunami at 1500 meters high coming straight towards the remnants of Washington DC. The wave also had the USS John F Kennedy heading straight towards the White House with its planes and helicopters falling off it. Reaching his final moments, the President softly says his last words: "I'm comin...

    President Thomas Wilson
    Little Girl
    White House Staff
    The White House
    The Capitol Building
    The Washington Monument
    Laura's house (unseen)
    The White House Destruction is the famous destruction sequence seen in the film and its trailer as it featured an epic destruction scene where a huge tsunami sends the US carrier crashing into the...
    In reality, it's highly unlikely the White House would still be standing after a 9.4 magnitude earthquake, it is, however, more prone/vulnerable to earthquake destruction than the Washington Monume...
    The tsunami is shown approaching the White House from the left as viewed from the South Lawn. In reality, the Atlantic Ocean is east of the White House, so it should be approaching it from the right.
  8. Daisy’s Destruction - The Complete Truth, In Detail! › daisy-destruction

    Daisy’s Destruction - Daisy Destruction is the name of one of the most horrifying snuff video series ever created. It’s also used as an example for human experiment sites, and considering how it gained quite a bit of mainstream media attention, here I’m scribbling this piece on the same.

    • What Is Daisy Destruction?
      It’s a snuff film as I already said, created in 2012 consisting of a series of 3-4 videos. The videos show a masked girl torturing toddlers aged 18...
    • What Did The Videos Consist of?
      It is probably the most horrifying real torture video the world has ever seen, it’s worse than child porn according to the actual witnesses of the...
    • Background of Daisy Destruction
      Scully was the mastermind behind a giant Paedophile ring, which he ran from a corner of the world where he thought his chances of getting caught we...
    • Peter’S Current Situation
      He is facing 75 charges as of now, out of which he has pleaded not guilty to the first 6. He supposedly tortured and involved atleast 14 girls in h...
    • Is Watching Daisy Destruction Videos Illegal?
      These videos are the most extreme examples of child porn. And viewing child porn is illegal in most if not all countries.Not just Child porn, it al...
  9. Eve of Destruction (film) - Wikipedia › wiki › Eve_of_Destruction_(film)

    Eve of Destruction is a 1991 American science fiction/action film. The film is about a nuclear armed prototype android named EVE gone amok while being field tested by the military in a big city. The film stars Gregory Hines as Col. Jim McQuade and Dutch actress Renée Soutendijk (in her first U.S. film) with the dual roles as the robot's ...

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