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    • Piano tuning frequency

      • This is a list of the fundamental frequencies in hertz (cycles per second) of the keys of a modern 88-key standard or 108-key extended piano in twelve-tone equal temperament, with the 49th key, the fifth A (called A4), tuned to 440 Hz (referred to as A440).
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  2. Piano key frequencies - Wikipedia › wiki › Piano_key_frequencies

    For other tuning schemes refer to musical tuning. This list of frequencies is for a theoretically ideal piano. On an actual piano the ratio between semitones is slightly larger, especially at the high and low ends, where string stiffness causes inharmonicity , i.e., the tendency for the harmonic makeup of each note to run sharp .

    Key number
    Helmholtz name
    Scientific name
    Frequency (Hz) (Equal temperament)
  3. Piano key frequencies - Iowa State University › piano-key-freq-wikipedia

    frequency a semitone up from A4 (A♯4), multiply 440 by the twelfth root of two. To go from A4 to B4 (up a whole tone, or two semitones), multiply 440 twice by the twelfth root of two. For other tuning schemes refer to musical tuning. This list of frequencies is for a theoretically ideal piano. On an actual piano the ratio between semitones is ...

  4. Piano tuning - Wikipedia › wiki › Piano_tuning

    For example, if a piano string tuned to 440 Hz (vibrations per second) is played together with a piano string tuned to 442 Hz, the resulting tone beats at a frequency of 2 Hz, due to the constructive and destructive interference between the two sound waves.

  5. Piano Tuning Frequency › JPH_Tune

    Steinway’s website recommends at least 3 tunings the first year. Baldwin’s site suggests 4 times. Yamaha, one of the world's largest piano manufacturers, advises 4 times. In addition to strings stretching, temperature and humidity also adversely affect the piano’s tuning stability.

  6. Piano Tuning - How Often? - Golden Piano Tuning › piano-tuning-how-often

    Here is what some of the piano manufacturers say about frequency of piano tunings (And who knows pianos better than those who build them?). Baldwin Piano Company – “ we recommend three or four tunings and inspection of the piano action in the first service year. Thereafter, we recommend a minimum of two tunings annually

  7. Frequencies of Musical Notes, A4 = 440 Hz › ~suits › notefreqs

    Tuning Frequencies for equal-tempered scale, A 4 = 440 Hz Other tuning choices, A 4 =

  8. Piano Tuning: An Introduction - PianoBuyer › article › piano-tuning-an

    Tuning a piano is the process of adjusting the tension of its strings, thereby altering their pitch, or frequency of vibration, by slightly turning the tuning pins to which they’re attached, so that each string sounds pleasingly in harmony with every other string. This harmony is achieved by tuning the piano according to certain known ...

  9. History of Pitch - Tuning Forks A440 C523.3 - Piano Tuners › history › pitch

    What is Standard Pitch or Concert Pitch and why do we need it?Standard Pitch is a universal frequency or note that allinstruments are set to. Today’s standard pitch is A440 orC523.3 and this concert pitch enables musicians to play instrumentstogether in harmony.

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