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  2. Jan 06, 2020 · "Second, the term 'second language' is used to refer to the level of language command in comparison with a primary or dominant language. In this second sense, 'second language' indicates a lower level of actual or believed proficiency. Hence 'second' means also 'weaker' or 'secondary.'" (H. H. Stern, Fundamental Concepts of Language Teaching.

    • Richard Nordquist
    • English And Rhetoric Professor
  3. Second language. A person's second language, or L2, is a language that is not the native language ( first language or L1) of the speaker, but is learned later (usually as a foreign language, but it can be another language used in the speaker's home country). A speaker's dominant language, which is the language a speaker uses most or is most ...

    • beyond the level of input
    • slower than acquisition of L1
    • not directly influential
    • systematic stages of development
  4. Jul 01, 2019 · English as a Second Language (ESL or TESL) is a traditional term for the use or study of the English language by non-native speakers in an English-speaking environment (it is also known as English for speakers of other languages.)

    • Richard Nordquist
    • English And Rhetoric Professor
  5. MTELP (Michigan Test of English Language Proficiency), is a language certificate measuring a student's English ability as a second or foreign language. Its primary purpose is to assess a learner's English language ability at an academic or advanced business level. Many countries also have their own exams.

  6. Apr 11, 2018 · English is spoken in 101 countries, while Arabic is spoken in 60, French in 51, Chinese in 33, and Spanish in 31. From one small island, English has gone on to acquire lingua franca status in international business, worldwide diplomacy, and science. The most spoken second languages in Europe. Image: Eurostat

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