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  2. The 1970s Arts and Entertainment: Overview |

    Punks, originating in the "garage" bands of the 1960s, were fed up with the mainstream melodies that had come to dominate popular music. In response, they played a fast, loud, and lean style of music that contained lyrics laced with images of alienation, rebellion, and violence.

  3. Arts and Entertainment - THE GROOVY 70'S

    In 1970, a disney classic, "The Aristocrats" came out. In 1973, yet another animated disney film came out, called "Robin Hood", and finally, in 1979, the classic horror movie "Dracula came out. Architecture

  4. Arts, Entertainment & Culture in the U.S. in the 1970s ...
    • An Introduction to The 1970s
    • Movies
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    Few decades have continued to leave quite the legacy on popular culture as the 1970s. From disco balls to some of the greatest movies ever made, no other decade has had quite the hold on the American psyche, even after more than 40 years. While we may look at bell-bottom pants and lava lamps with some disdain today, we are still heavily influenced by this decade.

    Few decades can claim to have produced both the variety and the depth of films as the 1970s. The cinematic works of the decade pushed envelopes that earlier films shied away from. In 1970, MASH offered a dark comedic look into war, and while it was set in Korea, everyone who watched the show couldn't help but think of that other war in East Asia, Vietnam. Two years later, The Godfather showed a society that, unlike that portrayed in MASH, glorified gentlemanly norms of old, except they were all involved in organized crime. Away from social commentary, movies like Jaws and Carrie forever frightened viewers about what laid just under the waves or inside the minds of misunderstood high school students. This exploration of the mind was continued with One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest. However, by far, the biggest film of the decade would come in the final year; Star Warswould be one of the highest-grossing films in history.

    That said, Star Wars was not the most influential movie of the period, at least from a musical standpoint. Sure, the Imperial Theme is frighteningly catchy, but it was Saturday Night Fever that forever solidified the role of Disco as the soundtrack of the 1970s. Groups like the BeeGees, ABBA, and countless others belted from speakers and stages at clubs across the world. By far, the most famous of these clubs was the infamous Studio 54, a venue in New York City that attracted the biggest names in disco despite its numerous run-ins with the law. That said, some of the most enduring musical talent of the period would have never thought of their material as disco. James Taylor epitomized the growing singer-songwriter movement and found considerable success. In more rural areas, the likes of Lynyrd Skynyrd popularized a new genre, southern rock, best described as country music with a heavy use of electric guitars, with their songs Free Bird and Sweet Home Alabama.

    While some music audiences were tuning into the rural sounds of the New South, TV viewers were increasingly turning away from the small town antics of early 1970s television. Sure, the 1970s were the decade of the Brady Bunch, a sitcom about a blended family and teenage heartthrobs, Marcia and Greg. However, the real story of 1970s TV is how gritty and real it was getting. Color TV was now widespread and people wanted more. Cable TV began to reach millions of Americans during this period, and with it came HBO, a provider of movies and exclusive content. Soon, pay-per-view TV was possible, with boxing matches and sporting events being frequent sources of programming.

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  5. The top 25 TV shows of the 1970s | Considerable

    Sep 11, 2019 · 20. The Odd Couple (ABC): 1970-75 Walt Disney Television/Getty Images. Based on the hit Broadway play and the 1968 theatrical, Neil Simon’s The Odd Couple transitioned to the small screen in 1970. Jack Klugman inherited the Walter Matthew movie role as Oscar, and Tony Randall took the place of Jack Lemmon as Felix.

  6. Entertainment - The 1970s - Google Sites

    Many forms of entertainment were alive back in the 1970's and those entertainments were involved with television and movies. Some examples of successful showings are, "Here's Lucy," "Happy Days,"...

  7. Research 1970s toys with our timeline and 200+ pictures of the most popular toys in the seventies. 1970s Music: History, Pictures & Artists » There was more variety in music in the 1970s than ever before.

  8. Leisure Activities - 1970s - Google Sites

    Leisure Activities For most people, the 1970s was a time when there was no such thing as a touch-screen computer, IPod, IPhone, a computer tablet, or even a laptop. This was a time when people,...

  9. The Top 10 Major Events of the 1970s | Top Ten Zilla
    • Watergate. If you were to point to one major story of the 1970s this would have to be it. A botched robbery, that led to a cover-up. That cover-up eventually led to the resignation of Richard Nixon in August 1974.
    • The Tech Revolution Began. Do you remember when you played your first video game? In the 1970s, you might have started with an Atari console, and then upgraded to Intellivision.
    • Kent State. You can’t think of this incident and not think of Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young’s haunting song Ohio. In 1970, students at Kent State University in Ohio were protesting the bombing of Cambodia during the Vietnam War.
    • The Oil Crisis. In the early 1970s, it was apparent that the U.S. was dependent on foreign oil to survive. At the time, hubris led many to believe that oil wouldn’t run out and that exporters of oil, mainly in Arab countries, couldn’t survive without America’s demand for oil.
  10. The 1970s - HISTORY

    On the rock front, bands like the Rolling Stones, Van Halen, Pink Floyd and Queen dominated airwaves. Additionally, the 1970s saw a return of handicrafts like latch-hook rugs and macramé, while ...

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