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  1. Jun 21, 2017 · Finally, the most popular name during the late 1800s, John hit its peak in 1880 with 9,655 baby boys given the name that year. It remained one of the top 10 boys’ names for a century, and ranked ...

  2. Mar 24, 2021 · 1860: Carmen was the most popular name in America, but Bettie and Amanda were also popular names. 1870: Clyde became the most popular name in America. Clara and Caroline were also popular. 1900s: Diane, Emily, Arthur and Donald all rose to popularity, 1910: Gail and Earl rose to the top spot.

  3. Mar 08, 2022 · If you need help choosing your baby’s name, or would just like to look through some of the most popular baby names throughout the year—as far back as the 1800s—the Social Security Administration’s website is a great baby-naming resource.

  4. Nov 21, 2020 · The name exploded in popularity in the 1970s and was the most popular girl's name in the United States from 1996 to 2007. Amber Tamblyn began her run as Emily Quartermaine on “General Hospital ...

  5. Apr 26, 2022 · But that doesn’t undermine the beauty of this name, especially in Malta, where it’s the eighth most popular name. Alessia means ‘defender of mankind’. 35. Angele: Angele, a spelling variation of Angel, is the ninth most popular name in Malta. This name is derived from Greek name Angelos, which means ‘messenger’ or ‘one who ...

  6. If you're on the hunt for the perfect baby name for the latest addition to your family, look no further. We've got every baby name under the sun with meanings, popularity, pop culture references and more. Whether you're searching for a vintage name, a superhero-inspired name or one steeped in history, we've got you covered.

  7. Jan 30, 2013 · For now, suffice it to say that I was able to collect from the social security website the data for every year between 1880 and 2011 for the 1000 most popular baby names. For each of the 1000 names in a given year, I collected the raw number of babies given that name, as well as the percentage of babies given that name, and the rank of that name.

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