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  1. Jul 12, 1999 · Thomas Aquinas (1225–1274) lived at a critical juncture of western culture when the arrival of the Aristotelian corpus in Latin translation reopened the question of the relation between faith and reason, calling into question the modus vivendi that had obtained for centuries. This crisis flared up just as universities were being founded.

  2. Dec 07, 2015 · Thomas and Truth. Following in their footsteps Thomas Aquinas argued for two books of truth. The book of nature was a body of truth that could be glimpsed through observation and reason. The book of revelation, which he viewed as higher and more authoritative, contained truth available only through God’s special revelation. [7]

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  4. Online Library of Liberty The OLL is a curated collection of scholarly works that engage with vital questions of liberty. Spanning the centuries from Hammurabi to Hume, and collecting material on topics from art and economics to law and political theory, the OLL provides you with a rich variety of texts to explore and consider.

  5. Jun 04, 2014 · Italian Dominican theologian Saint Thomas Aquinas was one of the most influential medieval thinkers of Scholasticism and the father of the Thomistic school of theology. (c. 1225–1274) Person

  6. Christian philosophers Augustine of Hippo (354–430) and Thomas Aquinas (1225–1274) held that scriptures can have multiple interpretations on certain areas where the matters were far beyond their reach, therefore one should leave room for future findings to shed light on the meanings.

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    Freedom of conscience had had high priority on the theological, philosophical, and political agenda, as Martin Luther refused to recant his beliefs before the Diet of the Holy Roman Empire at Worms in 1521, unless he would be proved false by the Bible. Slavery and child labour. Locke's views on slavery were multifaceted and complex.

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