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  1. Chillwave - Wikipedia

    Chillwave loosely emulates 1980s electropop and engages with notions of memory and nostalgia. It was one of the first music genres to develop primarily through the Internet. The term was coined in 2009 by the satirical blog Hipster Runoff to describe indie acts whose sounds resembled incidental music from 1980s VHS tapes.

  2. A Brief History of Chillwave - RadioUTD

    Aug 01, 2017 · Most notably “chillwave” was coined by the satirical, ironic blogger Carles of the defunct Hipster Runoff (2008-2013) who wanted to gather the impression and feeling of the music that “chillwave” created. Because the internet became a much easier place to release and review music, and at larger amounts than ever, chillwave was a direct ...

  3. A History of Chillwave and Vaporwave - Piero Scaruffi

    Chillwave was the first major musical genre that can be credited to the Internet. The term was coined in 2009 by Carlos Perez on his blog "Hipster Runoff" in a review of Washed Out, and Washed Out's first single Feel It All Around (2009) became the signature song of the genre.

  4. Urban Dictionary: chillwave

    Term coined by Carles of Hipster Runoff referring to a style of music that emerged in Summer 2K9 primarily from the Brooklyn music scene. Chillwave generally features a fuzzy sound with a slow but steady pulse-beat that hearkens back to 1980's pop culture; it may sound like the radio being played in the car during an episode of Miami Vice recorded on a crappy VHS tape and played back after ...

  5. Chillwave in 2017: Does it Still Matter?

    Jul 12, 2017 · To borrow another word that came into wider circulation at the time, the chillwave phenomenon — coined in midsummer 2009, a subject for the Times by early spring 2010 — was a remarkable case ...

    • Frank Guan
  6. How Chillwave’s Brief Moment in the Sun Cast a Long Shadow ...

    Oct 14, 2019 · The perpetually joking-not-joking meta-blogger Carles effectively coined the term “chillwave” in a July 2009 post on his site, Hipster Runoff, partially poking fun at genre-coining music bloggers.

  7. Chillwave: a momentary microgenre that ushered in the age of ...

    Aug 21, 2019 · But chillwave – a movement that ... the Wire’s David Keenan coined the term “hypnagogic pop” to describe a new wave of psychedelia growing out of the American noise scene. According to ...

  8. Psychedelic music - Wikipedia

    The term "chillwave" was coined in July 2009 on the Hipster Runoff blog by Carles (the pseudonym used by the blog's author) on his accompanying "blog radio" show of the same name. Carles invented the genre name for a host of similarly sounding up-and-coming bands.

  9. Chillwave | Great Lakes Brewing Co. | BeerAdvocate

    Chillwave is a IPA - Imperial style beer brewed by Great Lakes Brewing Co. in Cleveland, OH. Score: 95 with 3,398 ratings and reviews. Last update: 10-22-2020.

  10. What was the deal with "chillwave?" : indieheads

    First and foremost, people had trouble buying into it because the term 'chillwave' was coined by someone who is basically a joke writer (people who just got into indie music the last couple years won't understand how much influence and run said writer received for a few years).