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    William Tell (German: Wilhelm Tell, German pronunciation: [ˈvɪlhɛlm ˈtɛl] ; French: Guillaume Tell; Italian: Guglielmo Tell; Romansh: Guglielm Tell) is a folk hero of Switzerland. According to the legend, Tell was an expert mountain climber and marksman with a crossbow who assassinated Albrecht Gessler , a tyrannical reeve of the Austrian ...

  2. William Tell (French: Guillaume Tell; Italian: Guglielmo Tell) is a French-language opera in four acts by Italian composer Gioachino Rossini to a libretto by Victor-Joseph Étienne de Jouy and L. F. Bis, based on Friedrich Schiller's play Wilhelm Tell, which, in turn, drew on the William Tell legend.

  3. Prince Wilhelm of Sweden is the protagonist of the Netflix series Young Royals. He is portrayed by Edvin Ryding. He is the heir apparent to the Swedish throne after the death of his elder brother, Erik and the youngest son of Queen Kristina. After he gets into a fight at a club and humiliates his family, Wilhelm is sent to Hillerska boarding school, where he slowly starts to form his opinions ...

  4. Wilhelm Wundt founded the first exclusive psychology laboratory in 1879; it was a laboratory that conducted experiments related to matters in experimental psychology. However, the study of, and interest in, human behavior has been with us probably since humans walked the earth.

  5. William Tell (Wilhelm Tell) is a legendary character that is said to have lived in Uri, in central Switzerland, during the late 13th century ~ early 14th century. The anecdotes of him rousing the governor’s anger for not showing respect to his hat that was hung on a square, and shooting at an apple placed on his son’s head are quite famous.

  6. Sep 11, 2015 · Typical optic neuritis is an acute, severe visual disturbance without any clear diagnostic findings on ocular examination. It generally affects young, otherwise healthy individuals. It is caused by an autoimmune reaction directed against the optic nerve. Optic neuritis may be the first manifestation of multiple sclerosis.

  7. His first agent refused to sign him in the beginning unless he would change his name to "Lenny Williams", saying that Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio was "too ethnic" to work. He has a total of 8 directors on his resume who have won an Oscar for Best Director: James Cameron , Woody Allen , Danny Boyle , Martin Scorsese , Steven Spielberg , Sam Mendes ...

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