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    Breeder is a slang term (either joking or derogatory) used to describe heterosexuals, primarily by homosexuals. It is drawn from the fact that homosexual sexual activity does not normally lead to reproduction, whereas heterosexual sex can, with implicit mocking by connotation of animal husbandry, the original usage of the word.

  2. Why do gay men try to sham straight people by calling them ... › thread › 19299134-why-do-gay

    Just like animals - it comes from heterosexual sex. It's not special and animals breed all the time. Hence the term breeders is applied to straight people who look down on us and minimize us in every facet of our gay lives.

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    "Breeders" is the least insulting insult made since people started calling white people "crackers" For those out of the loop, "Breeders" is an insult made for either straight people (if the insult is coming from the gay community) or people with kids (if the insult is coming from the childfree community).

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    Aug 16, 2012 · Based on real events, this story follows what happens to four young friends as they are bred, milked and dehumanized for profit. The film stars Richard John Walters from My Bloody Valentine 3D ...

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    Apr 28, 2017 · While a single factor (the elusive “gay gene,” for example) has yet to emerge in the ongoing scientific investigation of what determines sexuality, there are a host of theories. Genetic ...

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    Jan 18, 2012 · When questioned by the Principal as to why he was there Paul stated, politely enough, that he wanted to come back to school. This was a lie, but Paul was quite accustomed to lying; found it, indeed, indispensable for overcoming friction.

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    Jul 29, 2010 · July 29 (New York) – The global Gay community has arguably offered immense contributions to the world. Great leaders, artists, warriors and business people have come from their Gay ranks. Now in a global survey, the international LGBT community has compiled a list of “The greatest Gays in the history of the world and the most powerful and ...