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  1. Top 5 internet download managers of 2021 for Windows › solutions › internet
    • Free Download Manager Features. HTTP/HTTPS/FTP/BitTorrent support. Simultaneously download several files. Conveniently organize your downloads. Integration with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, and Safari.
    • Internet Download Manager key features. Dynamic file segmentation. Automatic antivirus scan of downloaded files. Simultaneous downloads from several servers at the maximum speed.
    • uGet main features. Supports HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and BitTorrent protocols. Clipboard batch: copy an unlimited number of files to the clipboard and add them to the queue.
    • Main functions of Orbit Downloader - Supports HTTP, FTP, RTSP, RTMP and MM protocols. - Groups downloaded files by tags and stores URLs of downloaded files.
  2. IDM Review – The Best Internet Download Manager for Windows › 4085 › internet-download

    IDM Review – The Best Internet Download Manager for Windows Download managers have wide applications like downloading YouTube videos and increasing downloading speeds. The IDM CNET review also gives high ratings for this download manager of YouTube, Netflix, DailyMotion, Vimeo downloads.

    • Karrar Haider
    • Free Download Manager. If you are looking for a free and simple alternative to IDM, then Free Download Manager should be your choice. It is an open-source download manager that is astonishingly easy to use but at the same time very powerful as well.
    • JDownloader. Another open source alternative to IDM, JDownloader is a more comprehensive download manager as compared to Free Download Manager. However, it may also be a little complicating for novice users.
    • EagleGet. A rather new player in the category, EagleGet has a polished and very intuitive interface. It gives simple buttons to quickly download and manage files.
    • DownThemAll. DownThemAll is actually an extension for Firefox browsers, so it’s a good option for Firefox users or users willing to switch to Firefox.
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  4. 8 Free IDM Alternatives for Windows 10 - Best in 2021 › idm-alternatives

    As the name suggests, Free Download Manager aims to deliver a premium downloading experience for absolutely free. It offers promising downloading speed, but the speed is not as good as what is offered by IDM. FDM is the best alternative for the people searching for free IDM replacement. 4.

  5. 8 Best Free Download Managers (Updated July 2021) › free-download-managers-4129266
    • Free Download Manager (FDM) Able to integrate with your web browser. Supports pausing and resuming downloads. Enables bandwidth control. Can download whole websites.
    • Internet Download Accelerator (IDA) Can auto-categorize downloads for easier management. Supports downloading files automatically if they have a specific file extension.
    • JDownloader. You can manage and monitor your downloads remotely. A list of download links can be saved to an encrypted file. Lots of options are easily customizable.
    • GetGo Download Manager. Downloads can be started and stopped on a schedule. Makes importing download links easy with multiple options. You can view an image before the download starts.
  6. 11 Best Download Managers for Windows in 2021 › best-download-managers-windows
    • Internet Download Manager. Almost every one of you knows about the Internet Download Manager. The Internet Download Manager is undoubtedly the best Download Manager app for Windows.
    • Free Download Manager. Free Download Manager or FDM is similar to IDM and is free to use. FDM brings faster download speeds than traditional browsers by splitting the downloading files into different parts and then downloading those parts simultaneously.
    • JDownloader. The JDownloader is another free download manager software for Windows-based computers. The JDownloader is an open-source software program.
    • uGet. uGet is also an open-source download manager for Windows. It also has multi-threading downloading options., as well as the ability to pause and resume downloads.
  7. 7 Best Download Manager Software For Windows 10 - 2019 Edition › best-download-manager-windows

    Nov 16, 2019 · Many things make FDM one of the best download manager software for Windows. It also doubles up as a BitTorrent client. Users can easily drag and drop URLs and torrents into FDM’s window to get the...

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  8. IDM vs FDM: Which is the Better Downloader? › 45266 › idm-vs-fdm-better
    • Where IDM Is Better
    • Where FDM Is Better
    • Miscellaneous Differences
    • Conclusion

    1. The Download Dialog Box

    Download Dialog Box is just a technical term for the little box that appears when you click any download link in the browser. This is also the component that you interact with most of the time when downloading something. IDM’s download dialog box is much better than FDM’s. As you can see from the images itself, IDM’s box offers many options compared to FDM’s. The most useful of these is the speed limiter. In the case of FDM, you have to open the main windows of FDM from the taskbar and change...

    2. Catching & Recognizing Downloads

    Here too IDM is better. Many times during use, FDM ignored PDF, RAR, and some EXE files. I had to manually copy the download link and feed to it, which is extra work. And then the file recognition. IDM recognizes each file type and segregates downloads into their respective folders, automatically. But many a time, FDM did not do the job correctly, leaving me with scattered files in incorrect folders. This might seem like a small issue, but over the long run it will lead to unorganized downloa...

    3. Refreshing Download Links

    This feature comes in handy when downloading large files from file sharing sites and for downloads that don’t support resume. Midway through your download, if your internet gets disconnected even for a little moment, or your ISP changes your IP address, your download is screwed. Using refresh download links, you can request the file again and IDM will catch the download and resume it from wherever it stopped.

    1. Built-in Torrent Client

    If you are using FDM you will not need a separate torrent client, as the built-in client is more than capable. It supports magnet links as well as local torrent files. All the options that apply to normal downloads, such as scheduling and speed limits are also applicable to torrents. In comparison, IDM doesn’t have any torrent support and the only way you can use IDM to download torrents is by using a Cloud Torrent service.

    2. Deleted Downloads Can Be Restored

    Another nice feature of FDM is a recycle bin for downloads. Many times I have deleted downloads only to realize later that I might need them. Just like Windows, FDM has a recycle bin, which stores deleted unfinished downloads. It can also be configured to store completed downloads.

    3. File Preview and Video Convertor

    FDM can play video, audio and image files inside its main window. Instead of navigating to the download folder, you can preview the file, right click it and select Launch file orOpen location. A time saver when you are looking for a particular file in a heap of downloads. And for audio and video files it has a convertor too. It supports all the major mp4 and avi, useful for converting those Youtube FLV videos into a suitable format.

    When I started using FDM, it didn’t catch videos from Youtube or other similar sites, which made me almost believe that FDM didn’t support this feature. But later, when tinkering around with the settings, I found hidden inside Downloads > Video Monitoring, was the option to enable flash downloads. It would have been good if it was enabled by default like IDM. A normal user might not go through this trouble and instead use another downloader. Another great built-in tool, is the checksum toolsupporting MD5, SHA1, and other popular algorithms for checking the integrity of the downloaded file. And one thing, at which both downloaders really suck, is the user interface. UIs of both look like designed in the 90s for a CRT monitor. Hope the developers improve it, because on the sleek Windows 10they look like an eyesore.

    While these are not the only downloaders available for Windows, they are among the most popular. While one may point out that IDM is a paid app, we know the real truth of how many have really bought it. If you are just looking for a basic downloader and are not concerned with those advanced features, either one of them will suffice. If you have any more points or views, do share them in the comments. Last updated on 8 Feb, 2018 The above article may contain affiliate links which help support Guiding Tech. However, it does not affect our editorial integrity. The content remains unbiased and authentic.

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