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      • Five best pets currently available in Free Fire. #1 Ottero. Ottero in Free Fire. In-game description: ‘Sleeps with its headphones on, a musically talented otter.’. Skill: When players are using the ... #2 Mr. Waggor. #3 Robo. #4 Falco. #5 Detective Panda.
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  2. Free Fire: Which is the best pet in the game? › esports › free-fire-which-best
    • Falco. Falco is the newest flying pet introduced in Free Fire, and his passive is 'Skyline Spree', which provides a 15% increase in gliding speed upon skydive and 25% increase in diving speed after the parachute opens (which applies to the entire team).
    • Detective Panda. The Panda has a passive ability called 'Panda's Blessing', which restores 4 HP upon killing an enemy, and this amount goes up as he levels up in the game.
    • Spirit Fox. Spirit Fox is an elegant looking fox which has two sticks tied to him and a passive ability called 'Well Fed'. It restores 4 HP when using a health pack, and the amount of HP gained is increased as he levels up in Free Fire.
    • Robo. Robo is a small robot with rotating ears and a passive ability named 'Wall Enforcement'. It adds a shield to the gloo wall, providing additional 60 HP, which goes up as he levels up in the game.
  3. Free Fire Best Pet: Updated Guide For All 12 Pets In ... › mobile-games › free-fire-best-pet-13076
    • 1 - Low Tier
    • 2 - Mid Tier
    • 3 - Top Tier


    It is pretty weird that Garena hasn't added any skills to the Kitty yet - having some pets without any ability while the others having super strong skills is super unfair. At least the kitty doesn't look too bad - if you like cats or are looking for something cute to go with your set, this pet might be an OK choice.

    Mechanical Pup

    A perfect pet to go with your costume if you are trying for a cyberpunk theme. Outside of that, the mechanical pup is just for show, however. The reason that it is in this tier is the same as the Kitty: the lack of any ability.


    A ball-like robot with rabbit ears that follows you - Robo is also pretty suitable for a futuristic themed set as well... and he does have an ability. The reason that Robo is in this tier is that his skill is somewhat useless - it increases the HP of Gloo Walls... for naught, as people rarely try to break those walls by firing. Overall, the benefit is too small to matter. Read more: 1. 10 Hidden Android Tricks You Must Check Out

    Night Panther

    Another great robotic pet - the Night Panther comes with an ability that boosts your carrying capacity by 30 - this is best for hoarders who want to stock up on weapons and items. Overall, getting extra items is good... but it is still not a direct bonus in combat, and that's why the Night Panther is only at mid-tier.


    The Japanese pup Shiba is one of the most used pets in the game due to his cute appearance... and a decently useful ability. The little guy would mark a mushroom on the map every few minutes with his "Mushroom Sense" ability. The reason that the Shiba is only at mid-tier is that it is just an indirect bonus - players still have to get to that location to pick up the mushroom. Furthermore, if you are unlucky, the skill would mark somewhere you already seen.


    Poring is a blob that was included in the Ragnarok collab of Free Fire. His ability "Stitch and Patch" is really useful - it can restore your armor's durability over time, which is a direct boost to your HP. However, Poring looks pretty meh and isn't suitable for many sets. Read more: 1. Tips And Tricks On Using Joseph's Ability In Free Fire

    Spirit Fox

    One of the best pets to go with your set if you are trying to cosplay a samurai or ninja - the Spirit Fox would give you extra HP every time you activate a medkit. While the boost is rather small - only 7 HP, just remember that in a shooter like Free Fire, every single point of HP matters.

    Detective Panda

    Detective Panda blesses you with an ability similar to Jota - you would get 7 HP restored after every kill. Yes, it is just a fraction of what Jota's skill could do, but it works on every weapon and not just Shotguns and SMGs. The Panda looks pretty cute if you are going for a Chinese theme.


    Ottero is one of the truly top tier pet in the game currently - his skill "Double Blubber" would restore your EP by 50% of the HP you gain after using treatment guns and medkits. This is pretty much spirit fox's ability but on steroid - furthermore, the extra EP can be used for A124's ability as well.

  4. 5 best Free Fire pets as of June 2021 › esports › 5-best-free-fire

    Jun 03, 2021 · Garena regularly expands the list of pets, providing a wide selection. And the newest entrant to the pet section is Moony. Listed below are the best pets in Garena Free Fire as of June 2021....

    • Nishant Thakkar
  5. Best Pet In Free Fire: A Guide To Free Fire Pet System ... › 2020/06/29 › best-pet-in-free
    • Falco. Falco is the newest edition to the Free Fire Pets family and is the only bird pet available in the game. The special ability of the Free Fire Falco pet is called ‘Skyline Spree.’
    • Ottero. Ottero is an otter-like creature in the Free Fire that wears a hoodie, cap, and headphones. Ottero comes with a special ability called ‘Double Bubbler.’
    • Poring. Poring pet of Free Fire looks like a living blob. Poring pet comes with a special ability called ‘Stitch and Patch.’ Its special ability increases armor and helmet ability by 1 in every three seconds.
    • Robo. Robo pet in Free Fire looks like a robot with cat ears. It comes to Free Fire with a special ability called ‘Wall Enforcement.’ Its special ability gives an additional shield to the gloo wall with 60HP.
  6. 5 best Free Fire pets as of May 2021 - Sportskeeda › esports › 5-best-free-fire
    • Detective Panda
    • Rockie
    • Robo
    • Mr. Waggor
    • Ottero

    Detective Pandahas a remarkable ability, Panda's Blesings, which restores HP with every kill. At level 1, the pet will enable users to restore 4 HP upon a kill. This is significant at pet level 7 or skill level 3, as it can restore 10 HP upon killing enemies.

    Rockie's ability is known as Stay Chill and allows the cooldown time of the equipped active skill of a character to decrease by 6%. When Rockie is maximized, the character skill cooldown decreases by 15%. Also read: How to play the new Pet Rumble mode in Free Fire?

    Wall Enforcement is Robo's skill, and it adds a shield to the gloo wall, which provides an extra 60 HP. This skill is gradually boosted as the skill level rises. It adds a shield to the gloo walls at the highest level (skill level 3), which provides an additional 100 HP.

    Smooth Gloo is a unique ability that Mr. Waggor possesses. If players do not have a gloo wall, this skill will create one gloo wall grenade every 120 seconds at its initial level. At skill level 3, if players have less than two gloo wall grenades, it will create one every 100 seconds.

    Ottero's ability in Free Fire is known as Double Blubber. While using a treatment gun or a medkit, the player will also recover some EP using Ottero's ability. The amount of EP recovered is 35% of the HP recovered. Hence, if players apply one medkit, they can recover 26 EP using Ottero's skills. When increased to level 3, Ottero's EP recovery is increased to 65%. Disclaimer: This article reflects the individual opinion of the writer. The choice of pets is a personal decision, and prioritizing one over the other solely depends on an individual's playing style. Also read: Awakened Andrew character in Free Fire: Everything we know so far

    • Soumyajit Dutta
  7. 5 best pets in Free Fire as of October 2020 › esports › 5-best-pets-free

    Oct 27, 2020 · Best pets currently available in Free Fire. Aniket Thakkar. ANALYST. 4. 1. Feature. Modified 27 Oct 2020. SHARE. Pets have become a crucial aspect of Garena Free Fire.

  8. 5 best pets in Free Fire after addition of Moony › esports › 5-best-pets-free
    • Soumyajit Dutta
    • Rockie. Rockie has an ability called Stay Chill. This ability offers a great advantage to players who own active ability characters. It reduces the cooldown time of the equipped active skill of the character by 6% at skill level 1.
    • Detective Panda. Detective Panda is most beneficial for short and intense matches like the Clash Squad mode. It restores 4 HP upon each kill that the player gets.
    • Mr. Waggor. When players don't have a gloo wall grenade, Mr. Waggor's ability, Smooth Gloo, produces one gloo wall grenade every 120 seconds (Skill level 1).
    • Moony. Moony has a unique skill called Paranormal Protection. This skill reduces 20% damage when the owner/player is in an interaction countdown (Skill level 1).
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