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    The first Jagged Alliance game was developed by MadLab Software, Montreal. Qc, the following three games were developed by Sir-Tech Development based in Ottawa, Ontario. Ian Currie, Shaun Lyng and Linda Currie were the lead designers on the Jagged Alliance series. MadLab was absorbed by Sir-Tech Canada but the company shut down in late 2003.

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    Jagged Alliance is a tactical role-playing game released in 1995 for MS-DOS. It was developed by Madlab Software and published by Sir-Tech. It is the first game in the Jagged Alliance series. It was re-released in 2008 on and in 2010 on GamersGate, both with Windows support.

    • Madlab Software, Cypronia (DS)
    • MS-DOS, April 1995, Nintendo DS, NA: 5 May 2009, EU: 26 June 2009, DSiWareEU: 21 July 2011
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    During the Cold War, the South Pacific island of Metavira was the site of a series of numerous chemical and nuclear warfare experiments. Sometime later, scientists Jack Richards and his daughter Brenda discovered that the Metaviran Fallow Tree, mutated by these experiments, will produce a sap with wondrous medicinal properties that would cure any disease. These trees, rendered infertile by the same experiments that granted them their wondrous property, were quickly taken under the Richards' care, and they established a research facility on the island to research ways to turn the sap into medicine, and to find a way to solve the trees' infertility. However, one of Jack's most trusted employees, Lucas Santino, saw the value in the incredibly rare trees and sought to control them for his own gain. After convincing Jack to allow him to establish a second research facility on the other side of the island, Santino began bringing in numerous armed mercenaries, who killed the other research...

    Top-down turn-based tactical play based on action points.
    A sprawling map divided into 60 sectors. Every sector on the map is filled with enemies and the map must be conquered sector by sector. in order to secure victory.
    A wide array of weaponsranging from pistols to shotguns to grenades to choose from and equip your mercenaries with.
    Interactive environments and environmental conditions, such as bodies of water, sweltering heat, and densely forested jungles provide an immersive tactical experience.


    1. Main article: List of mercenaries in Jagged Alliance There are 60 mercenaries to choose from in Jagged Alliance, listed here in alphabetical order, by nickname/callsign: 1. Dr. Bernie Gloveless 2. Mary-Beth Wilkens 3. Biff Apscott 4. Capt. Bob Adams 5. Glen "Boss" Hatchet 6. Lt. Bud Hellar 7. Howard "Carp" Melfield 8. Dr. Cliff Highball 9. Dr. Ahmad "Doc" Koolhan 10. Edward "Ears" Stockwell 11. Dr. Eli Summers 12. Elroy B. Tolken 13. Fidel Dahan 14. Cynthia "Fox" Guzzman 15. Gary Roachburn...

    Native Guides

    1. Elio 2. Hamous 3. Juan 4. Wahan

    Useful Recipes

    1. Chunk of Steel upgrades .357 Magnums, M14s and M16s. 2. Eagle devicesusing Grenades.

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    Jagged Alliance is a series of turn-based tactics video games. From the first Jagged Alliance installment on, the series received critical acclaimcitation needed and gained a significant cult followingcitation needed, although this never translated to major commercial success. The first games in the series were for DOS, but work well under all flavours of Microsoft Windows and in emulators ...

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    Brigade: E5 is the first game in a series of sequels, successors and spin-offs that all try to either be a remake of JA2 or a sequel to it, without calling themselves “JA3”. It’s also the first “modern” (modern = after JA2) game in the Jagged Alliance universe. Brigade E5 features some good 3D graphics for its time.

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    Aug 16, 2018 · Jagged Alliance hasn’t been as lucky, not by a long shot, and as of this writing, the series has been worked on by 6-7 different publishers and developers across about as many games. First was Jagged Alliance: Online, from Gamigo AG and bitComposer. Online took the familiar JA gameplay and…put it online as an MMO.

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    Feb 09, 2012 · Jagged Alliance. Strategy 02 September 1994. Jagged Alliance is the first installment of a series of tactical turn-based strategies, for which the development team of Sir-Tech is responsible. The player commands a group of mercenaries to clear Metavira's tropical island of enemies.

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    Jagged Alliance series Group Description Jagged Alliance is a tactical strategy based game originally developed by Madlab Software.The game focuses on the player acquiring mercenaries to finish missions, heavily focused on combat.

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    Jun 05, 2002 · Strategy First has announced that it has secured the rights to Sirtech Canada's Jagged Alliance tactical strategy game series. Under the agreement, Strategy First will manage all business matters ...

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