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  2. Film Noir: the main 20 directors - IMDb › list › ls050219071

    The director Robert Siodmak (which he insisted, be pronounced 'See-odd-mack') was a masterful film maker who successfully blended the techniques of German Expressionism with contemporary styles of American film, particularly film noir, in the process creating a handful of moody, sometimes chilling,... 2.

  3. Film noir - Wikipedia › wiki › Film_noir

    Directors such as Lang, Jacques Tourneur, Robert Siodmak and Michael Curtiz brought a dramatically shadowed lighting style and a psychologically expressive approach to visual composition (mise-en-scène), with them to Hollywood, where they made some of the most famous classic noirs.

  4. Top 50 Film-Noir Movies - IMDb › search › title

    A list of the best Film-Noir movies, as ranked by IMDb users, like you. Find something great to watch now.

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  5. Top 10 film noir | Movies | The Guardian › 2013 › nov

    Nov 29, 2013 · Guns, dames and hats: you can't have a film noir without them, can you? Take a look at the Guardian and Observer critics list of the best 10 noirs and you'll realise things aren't that simple …

  6. 15 Best Film Noir Movies of All Time, Ranked for Filmmakers › blog › best-film-noir-movies
    • Double Indemnity (1944) Video essay on Double Indemnity. Double Indemnity is the poster child of film noir, almost inevitably so. Directed by Billy Wilder and with a script co-penned by Raymond Chandler, it epitomizes the genre from the foundation up.
    • Sunset Boulevard (1950) The Take’s video essay on Sunset Boulevard. Though Sunset Boulevard is among director Billy Wilder's best films, purists don't always consider it film noir.
    • The Third Man (1949) Insider Information on The Third Man. Film noir populated theaters at a significant time in history: the end of World War II. The best film noir movies tend to draw on that, but The Third Man has a noteworthy lens on that era since it was made in the UK rather than America.
    • In a Lonely Place (1950) Video essay on In a Lonely Place. With all the film noir set in Los Angeles, there had to be one about the inner workings of Hollywood, right?
  7. 20 best film noirs: From Double Indemnity to Shadow of a ... › arts-entertainment › films
    • Graeme Ross
    • Double Indemnity (Billy Wilder, 1944) From the James M Cain novel and featuring taut direction and a sparkling script from Wilder and Raymond Chandler, Double Indemnityset the standard for the genre for years to come.
    • The Big Sleep (Howard Hawks, 1946) Justly famous and celebrated adaption of Raymond Chandler’s convoluted novel featuring Humphrey Bogart as many people’s ideal Philip Marlowe.
    • Sunset Boulevard (Billy Wilder, 1950) Some movie scholars don’t think of this as noir, more black comedy meets gothic melodrama, but consider the following.
    • The Maltese Falcon (John Huston, 1941) From the Dashiell Hammett novel, Huston’s first movie as director is the grandaddy of noir thanks to a sparkling cast, moody lighting and brilliant screenplay and direction.
  8. 100 Greatest Films Noir - List Challenges › 100-greatest-film-noirs

    A list of the 100 Greatest Films Noir compiled by Digital Dream Door. These Greatest 'Film Noir' Movies were chosen for their direction, acting, storyline, cinematography, box office success and popularity. These films were NOT chosen for how highly rated they are overall, but how they rate in the subject of "Film Noir Movies".

  9. The 20 Best Neo-Noir Films Of The 1980s – Taste of Cinema ... › 2014 › 20-best-neo-noir-films-of-the

    Apr 20, 2014 · Those disagreements aside, the milestone cinema decade of the 1970s produced some classic neo-noir films and the 1980s kept the dark crime ball rolling with many gems in the subgenre that possess the same dark heart found in the classic film noir pictures of the 1940s and 1950s.

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