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  1. Britannica Dictionary definition of WHY 1 : the cause, reason, or purpose for which I know why he did it. It's easy to see why she fell in love with him. He's a very good player. That's why he made the team. 2 : for which The reason why they succeeded is obvious. They worked really hard. Give me one good reason why I should stay.

  2. why (ʰwaɪ, waɪ) adv., conj., n., pl. whys, interj. adv. 1. for what? for what reason or purpose?: Why do you ask? conj. 2. for what cause or reason: I don't know why he left. 3. for which; on account of which (usu. after reason to introduce a relative clause): the reason why she refused to go. 4. the reason for which: That is why he returned. n.

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  4. May 6, 2020 · Communicators often overlook answering why for two key reasons: They assume explaining what and how is the fastest way to influence their audience. They think the answer to why is so self-evident ...

  5. Aug 4, 2022 · Why it's important to find your personal "Why" A "Why" statement is often used in the corporate world, but why is it also important to determine your own "why" statement? Because you're more likely to be happier when you live a life that's aligned with your purpose in life. We've written an entire article about this topic here.

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