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  1. World domination - Wikipedia

    World domination (also called global domination or world conquest or cosmocracy) is a hypothetical power structure, either achieved or aspired to, in which a single political authority holds the power over all or virtually all the inhabitants of the planet Earth. Various individuals or regimes have tried to achieve this goal throughout history ...

  2. World Domination System Wiki | Fandom

    Under construction, feel free to contribute. World Domination System (WDS) is an on-going web novel created by KillerHemboy, published by Qidian in the QIDIAN International website. See World Domination System in Qidian. This wiki may contain MAJOR SPOILERS. If you have not read the novel, proceed with caution.*Ding* [ World Domination System booting up.

  3. World Domination (Band-Maid album) - Wikipedia

    World Domination is the fifth studio album by Japanese all-female rock band Band-Maid. It was released on February 14, 2018, and was supported with the World Domination Tour 2018. Music videos were made for the single "Daydreaming", the lead track "Domination" and the last track "Dice".

    • 53:56
    • February 14, 2018 (Japan)
  4. Daneel Anivron | World Domination System Wiki | Fandom
    • Introduction
    • Appearance
    • System

    A college student struggling for cash opted for an experiment which was advertised as safe but paid a lot of money. As soon as he was strapped to a chair and had electrodes placed on his head, he fell asleep but woke up to this robotic voice in his head. With these words started Daneel's adventures in an unknown world. Will he explore and conquer the rapidly changing new world, as the system stated? Or will he die and be forgotten within the eddies of time?

    He had brown hair which was cut short and a sharp nose with a prominent bridge. A pointed chin and an angular jaw resulted in a face which would have been considered quite handsome back on earth. His green eyes though served to make him lean more towards the cute side, especially considering that this body was only twelve years old.

    Current Functions( + Upgrades)

    1. Ether Detection (Ch-2) 1. Host Status Analysis (Ch-2) 1. Deployment of Auxiliary Tools (Ch-2) 2. Mission Control (Ch-2) 3. Data interface module (Ch-7) 4. Information Scanning (Ch-7) 5. Absorption Technique Deployment (Ch-14)

    • Golden (First) S (Second)
    • Human
    • Male
    • Alive
  5. Chapter 2: World Domination - Wikipedia

    Chapter 2: World Domination is the third studio album by American hip hop group Three 6 Mafia. The album was released on November 4, 1997, by Hypnotize Minds , with distribution from RED . This was their first widely distributed album and also Three 6 Mafia's first Gold-RIAA certified album, having sold over 800,000 copies in the US.

    • November 4, 1997
    • DJ Paul (Also Executive), Juicy J (Also Executive)
  6. Jurassic World: Dominion - Wikipedia

    Jurassic World: Dominion is an upcoming American science fiction adventure film directed by Colin Trevorrow, who wrote the screenplay with Emily Carmichael, based on a story by Trevorrow and his writing partner, Derek Connolly.

  7. WORLD DOMINATION - Wikipedia

    world domination”とは「世界征服」を意味する。 オリコンウィークリー・アルバム・ランキングで同アルバムがバンド史上初めてトップ10入り(初登場9位)を果たした。 2017年12月9日、アルバム『world domination』のリリースを発表 。

  8. Risk (game) - Wikipedia

    History. Risk was invented by French film director Albert Lamorisse and originally released in 1957 as La Conquête du Monde (The Conquest of the World) in France.It was bought by Parker Brothers and released in 1959 with some modifications to the rules as Risk: The Continental Game, then as Risk: The Game of Global Domination.

  9. New World Order (conspiracy theory) - Wikipedia

    The New World Order (NWO) in conspiracy theories is the hypothesis of a secretly emerging totalitarian world government.. The common theme in conspiracy theories about a New World Order is that a secretive power elite with a globalist agenda is conspiring to eventually rule the world through an authoritarian world government—which will replace sovereign nation-states—and an all ...

  10. Domination - Wikipedia

    World domination which is mainly a conspiracy theory Colonialism in which one group (usually a nation) invades another region for material gain or to eliminate competition Chauvinism in which a person or group consider themselves to be superior, and thus entitled to use force to dominate others