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  1. How to find an old Myspace page - Quora › How-do-you-find-an-old-Myspace-page

    If the page still exists, and you just want to find the old version: 1.) Go to Myspace, click "Search" and locate the "new" version of the old Myspace page you want. 2.)

  2. How to locate your old MySpace account - Quora › How-do-you-locate-your-old-MySpace

    If you had connected your Facebook account to it or used the same email address as you did when you registered simply go to Myspace and used the Facebook connect application to log in.

  3. Is MySpace dead? - Quora › Is-MySpace-dead

    With Self-inflicted wounds of royalties to music industry, sticking for too long on display name instead of real name, having many duplicate profiles which are not cleaned up and management mistakes on strategy.

  4. Why specifically did MySpace fall so fast and so far? - Quora › Why-specifically-did-MySpace-fall

    > Myspace is like the rapper who had a hit back in the day, Facebook is like your speakers. - Random quote, I thought sounded good. Coolness Cooling Off Too much of myspace's success was based on being the "hot", "new", and "cool" thing.

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  6. How to get into my MySpace account if I forget the email I ... › How-can-I-get-into-my-MySpace

    Immediately forget that Myspace exists. By doing this in tandem we can ensure that one less person still keeps this recycled website alive. The internet is better off without it unless it's in a museum where I could bring my teenagers to and stop ...

  7. Why is the old Myspace gone? Where are my old photos? - Quora › Why-is-the-old-Myspace-gone-Where

    For a while there was an option where you could log in to “classic myspace” and use the old profile. I did this for a while. I had conversations saved in old messages from friends who had passed away and I liked to re-read every so often.

  8. How to find my lost photos on Myspace - Quora › How-do-I-find-my-lost-photos-on-My

    If you know the page address on Myspace, try the Internet Archive: Wayback Machine It has archived copies of the internet and it might pull up your old Myspace page.

  9. How useful is MySpace in 2018? - Quora › How-useful-is-MySpace-in-2018

    Myspace has not been useful in a long time now. Myspace was at it’s peak from 2005 to 2008 as a social media giant. Once Facebook overtook it, Myspace began gradually changing their site slowly while many users were leaving the site.

  10. How to restore a deleted myspace account - Quora › How-can-I-restore-a-deleted

    MySpace is a social networking site that allows you to post pictures, videos, music, even documents, and files. MySpace should not be used as the primary back-up for such files.

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