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  1. c. 2700 BC: The beginning of statuary in Egypt, with shale and limestone statues of Khasekhemwy created in Nekhen. c. 2698 BC: The supposed beginning of the mythical reign of the legendary Yellow Emperor. c. 2686–2613 BC: Third Dynasty of Egypt, consisting of the reigns of Djoser, Sekhemkhet, Sanakht , Khaba and Huni.

  2. The 34th century BC was a century that lasted from the year 3400 BC to 3301 BC. Cultures. Stage IIIa2 of the Naqada culture in Egypt (dated in 1998). Archaic forms of cuneiform emerge in the late Uruk period in Mesopotamia. Burial of a child at Ashleypark Burial Mound, Ireland (c. 3350 BC) Birth of Shri Ram, India; Religion. Enoch (c. 33hej

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