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  1. 2910s BC 2900s BC Categories: Births– Deaths Establishments– Disestablishments The 30th century BCwas a centurythat lasted from the year 3000 BC to 2901 BC. Contents 1Events 2Inventions, discoveries, introductions 3Architecture 4References Events[edit] Stele bearing the name of Djet

  2. Buildings [ edit] Alvastra pile-dwelling – circa 3000 BC in Neolithic Scandinavia. Barbar Temple – oldest of the three temples built in 3000 BC, in present-day Bahrain. Diraz Temple – circa 3rd millennium BCE, in present-day Bahrain. Tepe Sialk – claimed to be the world's oldest ziggurat built in 3000 BC, in present-day Iran.

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    Ceremonial temple butcher knife made of flint, with the Horus name of the pharaoh Djer inscribed on its gold handle. On display at the Royal Ontario Museum

    c. 3000 BC — Neolithic period ends.

    3000 BC — Djer, second pharaoh of Egypt, starts to reign.

    c. 3000 BC — Narmer Palette from Hierakonpolis, First Dynasty, is made. It is now at Egyptian Museum, Cairo, Egypt.

    3000 BC — Caral, building of the first city in the Americas started.

    c. 3000 BC — Troy is founded.

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    30th century BC

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  3. 30th century BC View source The 30th century BC consists of the years 3000-2901 BC. (All events are approximate, based on Abraham's birth in 1900 and a literal reading of Genesis). 2973 BC. Birth of Lamech. 2917 BC. Death of Adam. Biblical Timeline (By Centuries) Before Christ (B.C.) The Beginning

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    Susa (Iransince 7000 BC)
    Uruk period (Sumer)
    Naqada IIb (Ancient Egypt)

    Only approximate dating is usually possible for mid-4th millennium artifacts. 1. Kish tablet 2. Bronocice pot 3. Ginger (mummy) 4. Knap of Howar

    The Sahara desert starts to form from semi-arid savannah, through desertification.
    c. 3500 BC: First known zoo at Hierakonpolis.
    c. 3400 BC: Sumerian temple record keepers redesign the stamp sealin the form of a cylinder.
    c. 3500 BC: Pictographic proto-writing starts developing towards writing proper in Sumer, thus starting what is technically considered history.
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  4. During the 40th century BC, the Eastern Mediterranean region was in the Chalcolithic period (Copper Age), transitional between the Stone and the Bronze Ages. Northwestern Europe was in the Neolithic. China was dominated by the Neolithic Yangshao culture. The Americas were in a phase of transition between the Paleo-Indian (Lithic) to the Meso ...

  5. The 38th century BC was a century which lasted from the year 3800 BC to 3701 BC. Events [ edit ] The Jewish calendar's reference point in 3761 BC is traditionally held to be about one year before the creation of Adam and Eve .

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