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  2. Ambient music - Wikipedia

    Ambient music is a genre of music that emphasizes tone and atmosphere over traditional musical structure or rhythm.A form of instrumental music, it may lack net composition, beat, or structured melody.

    • History

      As an early 20th-century French composer, Erik Satie used...

  3. List of ambient music artists - Wikipedia

    This is a list of ambient music artists.This includes artists who have either been very important to the genre or have had a considerable amount of exposure (such as those who have been on a major label).

  4. Category:Ambient music - Wikipedia

    Ambient music is a loosely defined musical genre that incorporates elements of a number of different styles - including jazz, electronic music, new age, modern classical music and even noise. It is chiefly identifiable as having an overarching atmospheric context.

  5. Dark ambient - Wikipedia

    Dark ambient (referred to as ambient industrial especially in the 1980s) is a genre of post-industrial music that features an ominous, dark droning and often gloomy, monumental or catacombal atmosphere, partially with discordant overtones.

  6. Book:Ambient music - Wikipedia

    Ambient music The Complete Guide This is a Wikipedia book , a collection of Wikipedia articles that can be easily saved, imported by an external electronic rendering service, and ordered as a printed book.

  7. Chill-out music - Wikipedia

    Ambient house declined after the mid-1990s due to market saturation. In the early 2000s, DJs in Ibiza's Café Del Mar began creating ambient house mixes that drew on jazz, classical, Hispanic, and New Age sources. They called their product "chill-out music", and it sparked a revived interest in ambient house from the public and record labels.

  8. Ambient house - Wikipedia

    Genre. AllMusic describes "ambient house" as an "early categorical marker used to distinguish newer wave ambient artists such as the Orb, the KLF, Irresistible Force, Future Sound of London, and Orbital", although they note that a more rigorous interpretation of the term implied music "appropriating certain primary elements of acid house music -- midtempo, four-on-the-floor beats; synth pads ...

  9. Ambient 1: Music for Airports - Wikipedia

    Ambient 1: Music for Airports is the sixth studio album by English musician Brian Eno, released in 1978 by Polydor Records.The album consists of four compositions created by layering tape loops of differing lengths, and was designed to be continuously looped as a sound installation, with the intent of defusing the tense, anxious atmosphere of an airport terminal.

    • Brian Eno
    • 1978
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