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    Ambient techno (also known as intelligent techno) is a 1990s offshoot of techno and ambient music that united the atmospheric textures of ambient music with the melodic and rhythmic elements of techno and electro. It was pioneered by electronic artists such as Carl Craig, B12, Aphex Twin, The Orb, Higher Intelligence Agency, and Biosphere.

    • 1990s, Europe
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    Ambient techno is a music category emerging in the late 1980s that is used to describe ambient music atmospheres with the rhythmic and melodic elements of techno. Notable artists include Aphex Twin , B12 , Autechre , and The Black Dog .

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    Following the success of the Artificial Intelligence series, "intelligent techno" became the favoured term, although ambient—without a qualifying house or techno suffix, but still referring to a hybrid form—was a common synonym.

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    Techno is a genre of electronic dance music (EDM) that is characterized by a repetitive four on the floor beat which is generally produced for use in a continuous DJ set.The central rhythm is often in common time (4/4), while the tempo typically varies between 120 and 150 beats per minute (bpm).

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  6. Ambient techno - Wikipedia › wiki › Ambient_techno

    El termin Ambient Techno al se dupra in riferiment a la müsega de gent cume B12, i prim canzun del Aphex Twin, del Black Dog, Higher Intelligence Agency, e Biosphere.A l'è una müsega che la gh'ha la ritmiga, la meludia e'l ritmu di baterij eletronich de la Techno insema al sun atmusferich e sperimental tipich de la Ambient.

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    Ambient techno je relexační forma techna. Tento styl není určen k tanci, proto se řadí spíše do downtempo elektroniky. Je to „zředěný“, přeorientovaný Ambient house. Tento styl se skládá z minimalové rytmiky, atmosférických ambientních zvuků, hudebních vzorků a podružných melodií. Interpreti

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    Richard David James (born 18 August 1971), best known by the stage name Aphex Twin, is a British musician. He is best known for his idiosyncratic work in electronic styles such as techno and ambient music in the 1990s, and has also been associated with the electronic subgenre known as intelligent dance music.

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    Genre. AllMusic describes "ambient house" as an "early categorical marker used to distinguish newer wave ambient artists such as the Orb, the KLF, Irresistible Force, Future Sound of London, and Orbital", although they note that a more rigorous interpretation of the term implied music "appropriating certain primary elements of acid house music -- midtempo, four-on-the-floor beats; synth pads ...

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    Ethno ambient está relacionado em espírito ao tribal techno, techno étnico e, principalmente, à "música do quarto mundo" e à ambient music, lançadas no final dos anos 1970 por Jon Hassell e Brian Eno, respectivamente.

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    Techno este o formă de muzică dance electronic, apărută în Detroit, Michigan, în Statele Unite, în a doua jumătate a anilor 1980. Prima utilizare înregistrată a termenului techno ca referire la un gen muzical specific a fost în 1988.