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  1. Electronic drum - Wikipedia

    An electronic drum is a modern electronic musical instrument, primarily designed to serve as an alternative to an acoustic drum kit or other percussion instruments. An electronic drum consists of an electronic or digital sound module which produces the synthesized or sampled percussion sounds and one or more electric sensors or sensor-equipped pads to trigger the sounds. Like regular drums, the sensors or pads are struck by drum sticks or by the hands and they are played in a similar manner to a

  2. Electronic drums vs acoustic drums — What’s right for you ...

    Apr 22, 2018 · Electronic drums are the ideal interface to for triggering these pro-level sounds while keeping a human feel to the beat. On top of that, this high-quality drum sampling technology is getting...

  3. Acoustic vs Electronic Drums: 6 Things to Consider
    • Volume
    • Technology
    • Technique
    • Feel
    • Sound
    • Price

    While some of us have the freedom to play as loud and as often as we want and not disturb our neighbors there are a lot of us that live in situations where excessive noise can be a big problem. A lot of us live in apartments and or urban areas, and both are notorious for not being friendly to practicing drummers. When that is the case electronic drums are the way to go. They make for a great solution to this problem as 90 percent of the electronic kits on the market can’t be heard in the next room no matter how loud you are playing them. There’s nothing like being able to practice anytime day or night and not disturb your friends, family, or neighbors. If you are on a second floor I recommend putting the set on a real thick rug or tape down a heavy blanket or comforter so the bass drum pedal/pad noise won’t disturb anyone downstairs.

    When you get an acoustic drum set there are many brands, sizes and colors to choose from. From a small jazz kit, to a massive double bass kit the possibilities are almost endless. One thing you won’t find built in though, no matter how expensive the drum set is a metronome. This device ensures that your timing is accurate while you are practicing. This is vital as our main job as drummers is to keep the time steady so the band can lock in and really groove with you. Though you can always buy this device separately, or even download to your phone as a app it is quite handy to have right at your fingertips while practicing. Also most top electronic drum kitscome with at least ten different drum sets, which allows you to experiment with different sounds. Some of them even have a way for you to hook up your MP3 player, or you can jam along with the pre-recorded songs included in the electronic kit. On your mid to upper level electronic kits you can record yourself right on the drum modu...

    One of the most important parts of becoming a good drummer is developing great technique. While electronic kits do have a lot of great features, the drum heads are normally made of rubber or mesh. This creates a playing surface that is completely different from hitting a normal drum. It will take some to get used to and can lead to bad technique as it creates a unnatural bounce off of the head. Furthermore when you play an electronic drum you’re sending a signal to the drum brain which sometimes can produce inaccurate notes causing cross talk between the different drums and you’ll hear drums you didn’t hit sounding off….not good! Now this can be fixed in most cases inside of the drum brain by adjusting your settings and parameters but this can be quite tedious if you’re not familiar with it. Get used to consulting your manual or the Internet for answers.

    As many drummers will tell you the feel of playing an acoustic drum set is powerful. You can literally feel the drums vibrate through your body while you play. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to control the volume of such a dynamic instrument. Though electronic drum sets have come a long way in their ability to recreate an acoustic kit there are certain nuances that a electronic kit won’t deliver as well as a acoustic kit, like ghost notes and cymbal swells. These tools can be very important depending on the style of music you are playing. This is why it’s extremely rare to see a drummer playing an electronic drum kit on a jazz gig, or any major touring gig for that matter. They just don’t translate some forms of music as well as the acoustic drum set does.

    As I said earlier electronic drums have come a long way since beginning mass production in the late 70s. From starting with octagon shaped pads that felt like you were playing on a tabletop to now being shaped like acoustic sets actually having “real” drum heads they have really done a great job of sampling some of the best acoustic drum kits, cymbals and other percussion instruments on the market. In my opinion no matter what you are sampling it will never sound as good as the real thing. There is a reason that most of your favorite bands and still use acoustic drums on their tours and recordings. They just create a sound that can’t be matched by anything currently on the electronic market.

    Electronic drum sets have a lot of bells and whistles that can be fun to experiment with, especially in the beginning stages. To get an electronic set that has the real feel of your standard acoustic set you should prepared to spends at least one thousand dollars. There are also cheaper entry level electronic drum sets (around $500), but that’s not the point right now. Also keep mind that you’ll need someway to be able to hear their drum set, whether that’s with a speaker or with a real good pair of sound isolating headphones. While they do have sets that are cheaper, what they make up for in price they lack in playability, sound and in being realistic. You can get a good beginners acoustic drum setwith cymbals for under six hundred dollars brand new; and if you don’t mind going used you might even be able to find a pro-level set at a bargain basement price!

  4. What Are Electronic Drums? - Manuel Marino

    Jun 28, 2011 · Every acoustic drum and cymbal changes sounds depending on where you hit it, and modern electronic drums may better duplicate this impact. Though the top end, expert models is pricey, electronic drum sets is affordable, and in some instances even less income than conventional drums. Electronic drums aren’t just cool, but they are very pragmatic.

  5. Electronic drums that are apt for both kids and adults | Most ...

    Jul 29, 2020 · This electronic drum set by the brand has 8 pieces that are apt for all needs. With 10 factory-set tunes and 5 user-programmable options, the drum set gives you a good number of customization options.

  6. How to Record Electronic Drums - 3 Options

    Aug 05, 2020 · Unlike acoustic drums, it is incredibly easy and quick to record electronic drums. You can do it for practice sessions or professional productions. Either way, there are a variety of ways of electronic drum recording. Benefits of recording with electronic drums No need for microphonesThe recording room/ space does not matterYou only need one channel

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    Oct 05, 2013 · Electronic drums, acoustic drums, mixer, saxophone, cymbals, preamp, turntable, and.. By coloradojay in forum Free Ads for Music/Recording Equipment Replies: 13

  9. Electronic Drums - New & Used Electronic Drums | Reverb

    Typically comprised of a series of pads and cymbal triggers with an accompanying sound module, electronic drums also include simple pad layouts that can be incorporated into standard acoustic kits. Ranging from the flagship Roland TD-30 to the Yamaha DTX series, electronic drums of all stripes are available here.

  10. Roland - Drums & Percussion

    In this video, Roland RT-30 series acoustic drum triggers are mounted to the kick and snare drums of a compact, mid-range drum set, and connected to a TM-2 trigger module. As the acoustic drum heads are hit, the triggers send a signal to the module to play an electronic sample, which is played in perfect time with the acoustic sound, without delay.

  11. Syndrum Inventor Joe Pollard's Original Syndrums | Reverb

    Acoustic drum set and case in photo is not included. Consider this Syndrums Twin as the holy grail of vintage electronic drums. This is the personal set belonging to the man who created and introduced electronic drums to the world. Includes COA signed by Pollard's wife. Case and acoustic drums in the photos are not included.