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    Arena rock (also known as album-oriented rock [AOR], anthem rock, corporate rock, dad rock, melodic rock, pomp rock, and stadium rock) is a style of rock music that originated in the mid-1970s.

  2. Event Centre rock (also known as arena rock, corporate rock, industry rock,or stadium rock) is a word to describe a form of rock music which is played, or intended to be played, in large venues, such as event centres, arenas, stadia, and open-air concert spaces.

  3. Arena (band) - Wikipedia

    Arena was founded in 1995 by Clive Nolan keyboardist of Pendragon and Shadowland, and Mick Pointer, the original drummer of Marillion, his tenure lasting from 1979 until 1983. The other founding members of the band were guitarist Keith More, vocalist John Carson, and bassist Cliff Orsi.

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  5. Rock Arena - Wikipedia

    Rock Arena was a weekly Australian music television show broadcast by the ABC from 23 February 1982 until 31 January 1989. The program featured live music performances, and interviews with bands and singers. The performances were presented as if the artist was in a pub or in concert.

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    Arena rock (někdy také stadium rock, corporate rock,industry rock,nebo zkráceně AOR) je jeden z podžánrů rockové hudby, která k hraní využila velké stadiony, zejména sportovní areály ve Spojených státech. Hudebně většinou arena rockové kapely pocházely z hard rocku, heavy metalu a progresivního rocku.

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    The track was released as the first single from the album on March 11, 2016, the same date of the album's pre-order on iTunes Store."Dangerous Woman" is a mid-tempo pop and R&B song, incorporating an arena rock chorus and a guitar solo during its bridge.

  8. Arenarock – Wikipedia

    Arenarock (òg kalla album-orientert rock [AOR], anthemrock, bedriftsrock, papparock, melodisk rock, pomp-rock og stadionrock er ein type rock som oppstod i midten av 1970-åra.

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    Az arena rock a rock egy pontosan nem körülhatárolt stílusa, melyre az anthem rock vagy a stadium rock megnevezést is használják. Stílusa közel áll a corporate rock és az AOR irányzatokhoz. Az arena rock többé-kevésbé kemény rock (hard rock gyökerek), melyből azonban hiányzik a heavy metalra jellemző ingerültség és ...

  10. Rock music - Wikipedia

    Rock music is a broad genre of popular music that originated as "rock and roll" in the United States in the late 1940s and early 1950s, and developed into a range of different styles in the mid-1960s and later, particularly in the United States and the United Kingdom.

  11. Arenarock – Wikipedia

    Arenarock, stadionrock [1], corporare rock, är en svagt definierad inriktning inom rockmusik som oftast är medeltung hårdrock, ibland heavy metal. Glam metal brukar också räknas in, då många arenarockstationer också brukar spela glam metal.