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    BBC Two is a British free-to-air television network owned and operated by the BBC. It covers a wide range of subject matter, with a remit "to broadcast programmes of depth and substance " in contrast to the more mainstream and popular BBC One.

    • History

      British television at the time of BBC2's launch consisted of...

    • Operation

      The channel controllers have been: 1. 1964–1965: Michael...

    • Programming

      BBC Two's remit is to be a mixed-genre channel appealing to...

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    BBC Two is a television channel in the United Kingdom and The Second BBC Channel in the Franchise. It was released on 20 April, 1964, and was the third television channel in the United Kingdom. The channel was published by BBC. BBC Two was channel of the year in 2007.

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    14 August – BBC Two airs one-off edition of the 1990s comedy sketch show Goodness Gracious Me featuring new material, and old and new characters. 28 August – BBC Two confirms that Autumnwatch will air a week of programmes from New England in October to celebrate the US region's colourful autumn.

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    The BBC Two Personality idents were a set of idents used on BBC Two from 19 November 2001 until 18 February 2007. The idents were produced by the Lambie-Nairn branding agency, who had created the previous look. The idents feature an ivory sans serif white '2' in a yellow environment and performing a variety of tasks, and a purple boxed BBC Two logo.

    Throughout the 1990s, the programming of BBC Two was gradually evolving from factual programming to more light-hearted programming. As a result, the channel's identity at the time was starting to appear alienated - some of the longer-running idents like 'Steam', 'Diary', 'Silk' and 'Copper Cut-Out' were retired between 1997 and 1999 to combat this, with newer, more appropriate idents like 'Duck', 'Swan', 'Zapper' and 'Gorilla' being introduced as a replacement. However, by 2001, the channel's pr

    BBC Two, for the first time, decided to reuse some of their previous Christmas idents in the years during this era, instead of a new, annual ident. The Christmas idents are as follows: 1. Christmas 2001 - The 2 holds out his hands, produces a fairy which then zooms up and forms a

    The package has been praised for its creativity, but ultimately largely seen as inferior to its predecessors, mainly for a number of issues. The first of this was the fact that there is significantly less choice. At the time of the launch of the last look had 11 launch idents, as compared to four launch idents with the personality 2s. This was especially noticed by the announcers, and the network director apparently complained to anyone who would listen about the lack of choice. In addition to t

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    BBC Two variations exist in the Nations; however, English regions today rarely have the option to opt out as regional programming now only exists on BBC One. In 2019, the Scottish variation of BBC Two ceased operation and was replaced with the networked version in favour of the BBC Scotland channel. BBC Two was also the first channel to be ...

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    BBC Choice (in Northern Ireland - Scotland - Wales) * BBC Food * BBC HD (UK) * BBC Japan * BBC Kids * BBC Knowledge (UK - International) * BBC Prime * BBC Select * BBC Three (television channel) * BBC TV Europe * BBC World Service Television * BBC 2W * BBC Two Scotland

    • Kenala televizyoni u İstasyonê Têlevizyoni
    • 20 Nisane 1964
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    The Window on the World idents were a set of idents used by BBC Two from 18 February 2007 until late 2014. They were created by Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO and produced by Red Bee Media. The idents featured a number 2 cut out of, or made out of parts of the everyday environment.

    By 2007 BBC Two needed a thorough rebrand as the previous idents were starting to lose their purpose. A new set of idents was therefore commissioned by advertising agency Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO, and was produced by Red Bee Media, who made the then current idents for BBC One. The new design needed to work, both on television, but also online, as a website and as live streaming feed. The two companies collaborated in all aspects of the process and both contributed people to the process. Paul Bra

    The idents all featured a numeral 2, with a view or scape behind it, as viewers looked through the 2. The new look also featured a new design of BBC Two logo. The previously purple box has now been turned a deep shade of aqua, very similar to the viridian used by the 1991 idents. The text has also been changed, with the 'TWO' font being changed to Avenir, from Gill Sans previously. This box was placed to the left of the 2 numeral, opposite to where it was in the previous look, and faded in at th

    The Window on the World idents have had three branding refreshes: October 2008, June 2009 and March 2013.

    As well as this set of idents, some special ones were made for Christmas and for other programmes. The Christmas idents are below

    There have been a few criticisms of the look. The tagging idents have been some of the most controversial in the channel's history. The juddery camera work and shoddy appearance made it appear as though it was shot on a camcorder and done by an amateur. These idents were all dropped, except Football that remained in use until the 2013 refresh. Another controversial issue is that of the 2009 redesigned endboards. Their basic design itself is not criticised, but the main cause of concern is the hi

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    bbc two(ビービーシー・ツー)は、英国放送協会 (bbc) のテレビチャンネル。1964年 4月20日に開局し、全世界に放送を行っている。1997年 10月3日にbbc2から現在の名称に改められた。日本におけるnhk eテレに相当する。イメージカラーは鴨の羽色

    • 1964年4月20日
    • BBC
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    Watch BBC Two live, find TV programme listings and schedules, plus enjoy your favourite shows on BBC iPlayer.

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