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    A big band is a type of musical ensemble of jazz music that usually consists of ten or more musicians with four sections: saxophones, trumpets, trombones, and a rhythm section. Big bands originated during the early 1910s and dominated jazz in the early 1940s when swing was most popular.

    • List of Big Bands

      While the Big Band Era suggests that big bands flourished...

    • Instruments

      Big bands have four sections: trumpets, trombones,...

    • Arrangements

      Typical big band arrangements from the swing era were...

    • History

      Before 1910, social dance in America was dominated by steps...

    • Radio

      During the 1930s, Earl Hines and his band broadcast from the...

    • Movies

      Big Bands began to appear in movies in the 1930s through the...

  2. Big Band (Joe Henderson album) - Wikipedia

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (Redirected from Big Band (album)) Big Band is a 1997 album by jazz saxophonist Joe Henderson, the fourth of the five albums he recorded with Verve Records during the end of his career.

    • Richard Seidel, Joe Henderson, Bob Belden, Don Sickler
    • 1997
    • Mar 16, 1992 – Jun 26, 1996
    • Jazz
  3. Mr. Big (American band) - Wikipedia

    Mr. Big is an American hard rock band formed in Los Angeles, California, in 1988.The band was originally composed of Eric Martin (lead vocals), Paul Gilbert (guitar, backing vocals), Billy Sheehan (bass guitar, backing vocals), and Pat Torpey (drums, percussion, backing vocals).

  4. hr-Bigband - Wikipedia

    The hr-Bigband is the Big Band of Hessischer Rundfunk, the public broadcasting network of the German state of Hesse. Founded 1946 as Tanz- und Unterhaltungsorchester des Hessischen Rundfunks it was renamed to hr Big Band in 1972. Since 2005 it is written hr-Bigband. For international tours and CD releases it is also named Frankfurt Radio Bigband.

  5. Big band - Wikipedia

    Big band (fonetski: big bend; na engleskom doslovno "veliki orkestar") je izraz koji se koristi za vrstu muzičkog sastava (orkestra) specijaliziranog za izvođenje jazz i swing muzike, koji koristi ritam sekciju, limene i drvene puhačke instrumente, te se sastoji između 12 i 25 muzičara.

  6. Big Bang (British band) - Wikipedia

    Big Bang are a British electronic music duo that came to prominence in the late 1980s. The band consists of Laurence Malice (founder of Trade nightclub) and Iain Williams (writer). Based in London, the duo were signed to Swanyard Records and spearheaded the music genre known as big beat.

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  8. Big Bang (band) - Wikipedia

    Big Bang (Korean: 빅뱅; stylized as BIGBANG) is a South Korean boy band formed by YG Entertainment.The group consists of four members: G-Dragon, T.O.P, Taeyang, and Daesung; former member Seungri retired from the entertainment industry on March 11, 2019.

  9. Big Band | Skullgirls Wiki | Fandom
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    Big Band is a DLC character for Skullgirls Encore. Because Lab Zero Gamesreached their requested donations for Big Band, he was a free DLC character for all to acquire for a limited amount of time (the first 3 months after his release), but since has been added to the store for purchase. Big Band started development when the fundraising reached $375,000. The fundraising managed to raise over $400,000, so he was able to have his own stage and Story Mode. Big Band was the first male playable character added into Skullgirls. In the background of Anti-Skullgirl Lab 8 Stage, Big Band can be seen watching the players fight. However, if either or both players select Big Band he will not be present in the stage background.

    Ben Birdland has seen a lot in his time, including the worst of the Grand War. But nothing was worse than what he saw as a beat cop in New Meridian. When he ran afoul of his crooked unit, he was given a violent early retirement, and his broken body was left to spend the rest of its days in an iron lung. His good friend, Irvin does not betray him however. That would have been the end of Ben’s story if it hadn't drawn the ears of the Anti-Skullgirl Labs. With little left to lose, he agreed to be rebuilt with their experimental procedures. Melded with the machinery that allows him to breathe a powerful array of pneumatic weaponry, he was reborn as “Big Band.” Now a senior member of Lab 8, he’s become a father figure of sort to the younger ASG soldiers. A firm believer in their cause, he has stayed with the project through its controversies and still sees his place on the front lines against the Skullgirl. His technology may be dated, but he more than makes up for it with experience and...


    Big Band references a type of jazz ensemblethat usually consists of ten or more musicians playing saxophones, trumpets, trombones, and a rhythm section. The character's last name is a reference to "Birdland" a famous jazz club in New York City, named after saxophonist Charlie "Bird" Parker.


    He wears striped boxers with musical notes on them. Although he has large arms with brass knuckles, he usually uses sets of small arms with cushioned tipped claws to hold small items. Big Band was originally intended to have a robotic voice, but the team felt the filter took away from Rich Brown's smooth voice and filtered with a smooth metal echo to go with it.

    After recollecting his past as a cop prior to receiving his current state in an iron lung; musing how inconceivable the New Meridian police force were to take a hit from the Medici Mafia and having him beaten and left for dead, he opts to put an end to the current Skullgirl by destroying the source of her power - the Skullheart - as part of his new career at the Anti-Skullgirl Labs. Knowing the current Skullgirl's intent for the death of the entire Medici family, he begins his goal of tracking her down by investigating the River King Casino, a notorious hangout for the Medici Mafia. There he is greeted by Cerebella, wrongly believing his intent was to cause harm to Medici's. Despite Big Band's attempt to leave courteously having noted there was no evidence of the Skullgirl, he is forced to fight Cerebella. After winning, he comments how he no longer wishes to waste the Medici's like he used too. Big Band then retrieves a distress signal from Dr. Avian alerting him that Lab 8 is unde...

    While it is said that his equipment is outdated, Big Band makes up for it in experience. He has an array of musical instruments that he can use in various ways. He is a slow character that packs a very mean punch. Another element to his fighting style is the Sound Stun, a musical element in which stuns his opponents a little longer than usual. Once the opponent is hit with an attack that causes Sound Stun during a combo, another attack with Sound Stun cannot produce that effect also unless the combo is dropped. Because of the armor in some of his attacks, Big Band has shown himself to be a very sturdy fighter. What also supports his sturdiness is his unique ability to parry attacks. While the attacks still causes damage to Big Band, the damage has been moderately decreased. However, parrying is risky since some attacks can be hard due to varying speed and it does not work against grabs. If used correctly, Big Band can turn the tide of any battle to the surprise of his opponents. He...

    "Bassline" - Default colors
    "Epic Sax" - Carl Kolchak (Kolchak: The Night Stalker)
    Red Q (Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike)
    Big Band's move "Brass Knuckles" alludes to the weaponsby the same name, and the fact that most band instruments (and his arms) are made from brass.
    Big Band's walk animation when moving backwards has him replicating Michael Jackson's Moonwalk
    Big Band has a grab-and-punch move where he says "Beat Extend!", which is a reference to Guilty Gear's Potemkin, who uses a similar move called "Heat Extend".
    Several Special Moves in Big Band's moveset reference popular Jazz Standards or Albums
  10. The Big Bang Theory - Wikipedia

    The Big Bang Theory started off slowly in the ratings, failing to make the top 50 in its first season (ranking 68th), and ranking 40th in its second season. When the third season premiered on September 21, 2009, however, The Big Bang Theory ranked as CBS's highest-rated show of that evening in the adults 18–49 demographic (4.6/10) along with ...

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