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  1. Blue Mountains (Jamaica) - Wikipedia

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Blue Mountains are the longest mountain range in Jamaica. They include the island's highest point, Blue Mountain Peak, at 2256 m (7402 ft). From the summit, accessible via a walking track, both the north and south coasts of the island can be seen.

    • Jamaica
    • 2015 (39th session)
    • 2,256 m (7,402 ft)
    • Americas
  2. Blue Mountain Peak - Wikipedia

    Blue Mountain Peak is the highest mountain in Jamaica and one of the highest peaks in the Caribbean at 2,256 metres (7,402 ft). It is the home of Blue Mountain coffee. It is located on the border of the Portland and Saint Thomas parishes of Jamaica.

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  4. Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee - Wikipedia
    • Overview
    • The Coffee Industry Regulation Act
    • Classifications of Blue Mountain Coffee

    Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee or Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is a classification of coffee grown in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. The coffee was introduced to Jamaica in 1728. The best lots of Blue Mountain coffee are noted for their mild flavour and lack of bitterness. Over the past few decades, this coffee has developed a reputation that has made it one of the most expensive and sought-after coffees in the world. Over 80% of all Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is exported to Japan. In addition

    The Coffee Industry Regulation Act specifies what coffee may use the Blue Mountain label. Additionally, it restricts the use of the Blue Mountain trademark to those authorized by the Jamaica Agricultural Commodities Regulatory Authority. Broadly speaking, coffee harvested from the parishes of Saint Andrew, Saint Thomas, Portland and Saint Mary may be considered Blue Mountain coffee. Traditionally, only coffee grown at elevations between 910 metres and 1,700 metres could be called Jamaica Blue Mo

    There are generally three types of grades of Jamaica Blue Mountain ranked by size and defects. Number 1 beans as the largest and most desired with least defects, followed by number 2 and 3 beans. Separately, there are peaberry beans which are smaller beans which appear shaped as a rugby ball as opposed to the usual flat beans. As with most other varieties of coffee, there are several grades assigned to different lots, based on factors such as size, appearance, and defects allowed.

  5. Blue Mountains (Jamaica) – Wikipedia

    Blue Mountains (Jamaica) För andra betydelser, se Blue Mountains (olika betydelser). Blue Mountains är en bergskedja i Jamaica. Den ligger i den östra delen av landet, 20 km nordost om huvudstaden Kingston.

  6. Blue Mountains - Wikipedia

    Blue Mountains (Congo), northwest of Lake Albert, Democratic Republic of the Congo; Sinimäed Hills (Blue Mountains) in Estonia, near Narva; Nilgiri mountains (Blue Mountains), southern India; Blue Mountains (Jamaica) Blue Mountains (New Zealand), in West Otago; Blue Mountains (Niger), a mountain range near the Aïr Mountains in Niger

  7. Blue Mountains - Wikipedia

    Mga dapit nga gitawag Blue Mountains sa Jamaica. The Grand Ridge of the Blue Mountains , kabukiran, 18°05′22″N 76°38′10″W  /  18.08941°N 76.63609°V  / 18.08941; -76.63609  ( The Grand Ridge of the Blue Mountains

  8. Blue Mountains på Jamaica – Wikipediaå_Jamaica

    Blue Mountains er ei fjellkjede på Jamaica. Ho ligg aust i landet, 20 km nordaust for hovudstaden Kingston.

  9. Blue Mountains (Jamaica) - Unionpedia, the concept map

    The Blue Mountains are the longest mountain range in Jamaica.

  10. Blue Mountains (New South Wales) - Wikipedia

    The Blue Mountains Range comprises a range of mountains, plateau escarpments extending off the Great Dividing Range about 4.8 kilometres (3.0 mi) northwest of Wolgan Gap in a generally southeasterly direction for about 96 kilometres (60 mi), terminating at Emu Plains.

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