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  1. Downtown Los Angeles - Wikipedia

    Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA) is the central business district of Los Angeles, California, as well as a diverse residential neighborhood of some 85,000 people, and covers 5.84 sq mi (15.1 km 2). A 2013 study found that the district is home to over 500,000 jobs. [4]

    • Bunker Hill

      Bunker Hill is a historic prominence that separated Downtown...

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    Downtown Los Angeles is the central business district of Los Angeles, California. It is also a neighbourhood. About 85,000 people live there. It is the part of Los Angeles with the most skyscrapers, including the Wilshire Grand Center and the U.S. Bank Tower. The neighbourhood has an area of about 5.84 square miles (15.1 km 2).

  3. Victorian Downtown Los Angeles - Wikipedia

    The late-Victorian-era Downtown of Los Angeles grew year by year, around 1880 centered at the southern end of the Los Angeles Plaza area, and over the next two decades, extending south and west along Main Street, Spring Street, and Broadway towards Third Street.

  4. Downtown Los Angeles - Wikipedia

    Downtown Los Angeles is the central business destrict o Los Angeles, Californie, as well as a diverse residential neebourheid o some 50,000 fowk. A 2013 study foond that the destrict is hame tae ower 500,000 jobs. A heritage o the ceety's foondin in 1781, Downtown Los Angeles the day is componit o different auries rangin frae a fashion destrict tae a skid row, an it is the hub o the ceety's Metro rapid transit seestem.

  5. Los Angeles - Wikipedia

    Downtown Los Angeles averages 14.93 in (379 mm) of precipitation annually, mainly occurring between November and March, generally in the form of moderate rain showers, but sometimes as heavy rainfall during winter storms.

  6. Downtown, Los Angeles – Wikipedia,_Los_Angeles

    Downtown är relativt litet i förhållande till Los Angeles storlek och invånarantal. Området expanderade kraftigt under slutet av 1980- och 1990-talen, men sedan 1995 har antalet arbetande i stadsdelen minskat från 605 000 till 418 000 år 2005. [1] Bland skyskraporna märks U.S. Bank Tower (1990) och Los Angeles City Hall (1928).

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  8. Chinatown, Los Angeles - Wikipedia,_Los_Angeles

    Chinatown is a neighborhood in Downtown Los Angeles, California that became a commercial center for Chinese and other Asian businesses in Central Los Angeles in 1938. The area includes restaurants, shops and art galleries but also has a residential neighborhood with a low-income, aging population of about 20,000 residents.

  9. Union Station (Los Angeles) - Wikipedia

    Union Station is located in the northeastern corner of Downtown Los Angeles, on the property bounded by Alameda Street, Cesar Chavez Avenue, Vignes Street, and the Hollywood Freeway. It is across Alameda Street from L.A.'s historic Olvera Street and El Pueblo de Los Angeles State Historic Park .

    • 74 bike rack spaces, 20 locker spaces
    • 12 (Amtrak/Metrolink), 2 (Metro L Line), 2 (Metro B/D Lines)
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