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  1. Film editing - Wikipedia

    Film editing is often referred to as the "invisible art" because when it is well-practiced, the viewer can become so engaged that they are not aware of the editor's work. On its most fundamental level, film editing is the art, technique and practice of assembling shots into a

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  3. Video editing - Wikipedia

    Video editing is the manipulation and arrangement of video shots. Video editing is used to structure and present all video information, including films and television shows, video advertisements and video essays. Video editing has been dramatically democratized in recent years by editing software available for personal computers. Editing video can be difficult and tedious, so several technologies have been produced to aid people in this task. Pen based video editing software was developed in ord

  4. Academy Award for Best Film Editing - Wikipedia

    Additionally, Best Film Editing winner, Walter Murch, although known for film editing and sound, directed the Oscar nominated Return to Oz and is, to date, the only person with Oscars for both sound engineering and film editing, winning them in the same year for his work on The English Patient.

  5. List of video editing software - Wikipedia

    The following is a list of video editing software.. The criterion for inclusion in this list is the ability to perform non-linear video editing.Most modern transcoding software supports transcoding a portion of a video clip, which would count as cropping and trimming.

  6. The Editor (film) - Wikipedia

    The Editor is a 2014 Canadian black comedy giallo film by Astron-6 and starring Paz de la Huerta, Adam Brooks, Laurence R. Harvey, and Udo Kier. The film is an homage to and parody of giallo, a cinematic and literary subgenre originating in Italy and popularized through films like The Bird with the Crystal Plumage, Torso, Deep Red, and A Lizard in a Woman's Skin. The film was shot on-location in Winnipeg, Manitoba and Kenora, Ontario, and premiered at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival

    • Adam Brooks, Matthew Kennedy
    • September 11, 2014 (TIFF), September 8, 2015 (Canada)
  7. List of common film awards categories - Wikipedia

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (Redirected from Best Film Editing) This is a list of categories of awards commonly awarded through organizations that bestow film awards, including those presented by various film, festivals, and people's awards.

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