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    Fukuoka Prefecture (Japanese: 福岡県, Hepburn: Fukuoka-ken) is a prefecture of Japan located on the island of Kyūshū. Fukuoka Prefecture has a population of 5,109,323 (1 June 2019) and has a geographic area of 4,986 km² (1,925 sq mi).

    • 福岡県
    • Kyushu
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    Fukuoka Prefecture faces the sea on three sides. The prefecture borders Saga, Ōita, and Kumamoto prefectures. Fukuoka is near Yamaguchi Prefecture across the Kanmon Straits. Fukuoka includes the two largest cities on Kyūshū, Fukuoka and Kitakyūshū. Small islands are near the north coast of the prefecture. Cities

    • 4,971.01 km² (29th)
    • 福岡県
    • Hiroshi Ogawa (since April 2011)
    • Fukuoka
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    Fukuoka (福岡市, Fukuoka-shi, pronounced [ɸɯ̥kɯokaꜜɕi]) is the capital city of Fukuoka Prefecture, situated on the northern shore of the Japanese island of Kyushu. It is the most populous city on the island, followed by Kitakyushu. It is the largest city and metropolitan area west of Keihanshin.

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    Prepektura ning Fukuoka travel guide from Wikivoyage (English) Official Fukuoka Prefecture homepage (English) Official website of the Fukuoka Olympic Bid Committee (English) Official Fukuoka Tourism Association website (English) Fukuoka information homepage (English) Fukuoka Guide, get more out of Fukuoka, Japan's mini-metro

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    Fukuoka Prefecture includes the umwhile provinces of Chikugo, Chikuzen, an Buzen. Shrines an temples. Kōra taisha, Sumiyoshi-jinja, Hakosagi-gū an Usa jinjū are the chief Shinto shrines in the prefecture. Geografie

    • 福岡県
    • Japan
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    Fukuoka Prefecture (福岡県 Fukuoka-ken) is a prefecture located on Kyūshū island, Japan. The capital is the city of Fukuoka. Subcategories. This category has the following 14 subcategories, out of 14 total.

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    Cities in Fukuoka Prefecture in the Kyūshū region of Japan.. Also see Category:Dissolved municipalities of Fukuoka Prefecture.. Subcategories. This category has the following 27 subcategories, out of 27 total.

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    福岡県の東西南北それぞれの端と、都道府県界の未確定部分に仮の境界線を入れて求めた重心は以下の位置である 。 北端は沖ノ島の割鼻、南端は三池港のkmアルミニウムの工場、東端は国道10号と国道212号の交差点の南東付近、西端は烏帽子島。

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    Fukuoka Prefecture (福岡県 Fukuoka-ken) is the most populous prefecture of Kyushu, Japan with a population of over 5 million.. Understand []. Fukuoka has a very old history and has had close contact with Japan's Asian neighbors, including the site of two Mongolian invasions in the late 13th century that were unsuccessful (due to typhoons, hence the term kamikaze).

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