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    Good Doctor (Korean: 굿 닥터; RR: Gut Dakteo) is a 2013 South Korean medical drama television series starring Joo Won, Moon Chae-won, Joo Sang-wook, Kim Min-seo, Chun Ho-jin, Kwak Do-won and Ko Chang-seok. It aired on KBS2 from August 5 to October 8, 2013, on Mondays and Tuesdays at 21:55 for 20 episodes.

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      Park Si-on is an autistic savant who was sent to a...

  2. The Good Doctor (TV series) - Wikipedia › wiki › The_Good_Doctor_(TV_series)

    The Good Doctor is an American medical drama television series based on the 2013 South Korean series of the same name. Actor Daniel Dae Kim noticed the original series and bought the rights for his production company. He began adapting the series and, in 2015, eventually shopped it to CBS, his home network.

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    The Good Doctor (American TV series), a 2017 medical drama, based on the 2013 South Korean series Good Doctor (Japanese TV series), a 2018 medical drama, based on the 2013 South Korean series "The Good Doctor" (Law & Order: Criminal Intent), the ninth episode of the first season of the American police procedural television series

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    Good Doctor (TV series) → Good Doctor (South Korean TV series) Good Doctor (2018 TV series) → Good Doctor (Japanese TV series) – Incomplete disambiguation, with the years of these TV series, including the American version, The Good Doctor, being too close to each other, thus diminishing clear differentiation. A more intuitive form of ...

  6. Doctor Doctor (South Korean TV series) - Wikipedia › wiki › Doctor_Doctor_(South

    Doctor Doctor (닥터 닥터) is a South Korean sitcom produced by iTV in 2000. The background of the comedy focuses on the "Good Doctor Hospital". Several characters in the sitcom used their real names in their roles. Synopsis. The sitcom showed several gags among the staff.

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    Faith is a 2012 South Korean television drama starring Lee Min-ho and Kim Hee-sun. It was broadcast by SBS from August 13 to October 30, 2012, on Mondays and Tuesdays at 21:55 time slot for 24 episodes. It is about a modern-day plastic surgeon, who is kidnapped and brought back in time to the Goryeo period, 700 years in the past, where she falls in love with her kidnapper, a warrior who is the leader of the royal guard.

    The title Sin-ui, can mean faith, as in belief in justice. The Hanja 神醫 means Divine Doctor, but in Hangul it also means divine healer or great doctor.

    After King Gongmin of Goryeo marries the Yuan princess, Noguk, they return to Goryeo. On their way, they are attacked, and the queen is fatally injured. According to the advice of his royal advisor, the king orders the Captain of the Royal Guard, Choi Young, to pass through a mystical portal and find the "heaven's doctor". Choi Young travels to the future and brings back Yoo Eun-soo, a modern-day doctor from Seoul, to save the queen's life. He promises that he will return her to her world once s

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    Country of origin. South Korea. Language of work or name. Korean. Distribution format. video on demand. Cast member. Start time. 5 August 2013.

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    Doctors) is a 2016 South Korean medical drama starring Kim Rae-won and Park Shin-hye. It aired every Monday and Tuesday at 22:00 (KST) on SBS from June 20 to August 23, 2016 for 20 episodes. The drama was a hit and averaged 18.40% in audience ratings.

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    • Ha Myung-hee
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