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  1. The Jerusalem Great Synagogue is one of the world's chief repositories of Jewish Ashkenazic liturgical music and one of the few synagogues in the world with internationally-acclaimed Cantors and choir leading... Learn More.

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      The Jerusalem Great Synagogue was born when a plot of land...

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      The Jerusalem Great Synagogue is the central house of...

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      The Jerusalem Great Synagogue will not be responsible or...

  2. Great Synagogue (Jerusalem) - Wikipedia

    The Great Synagogue of Jerusalem, ( Hebrew: בֵּית הַכְּנֶסֶת הַגָּדוֹל בּיְרוּשָׁלַיִם ‎), is located at 56 King George Street, Jerusalem, Israel. Rabbi Zalman Druck was the spiritual leader from the synagogue's establishment until his death on 11 December 2009. The synagogue's current acting president is Zalli Jaffe.

  3. The Great Synagogue, Jerusalem - Tripadvisor

    The great synagogue is wonderfully located in the heart of Jerusalem. It is right across the street from what used to be the prime hotel , the Plaza, and is now called the Leinardo. It is around the coener from the American Consulate and down the block from the central outdoor shopping mall in Jerusalem. This is a place of Simcha (joy) with many weddings and Bar Mitzvahs take place and also is an active functioning synagogue. many cultural events happen here as well.

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    • 56 King George Street, Jerusalem
  4. The Belz Great Synagogue - iTravelJerusalem

    TripAdvisor Traveler Rating. 21 Reviews. 2 Dover Shalom St, Jerusalem. 972-500-4447. Photo: The Belz Great Synagogue. Although initially built to invoke the memory of the synagogue that served the Hasidim in Europe, Jerusalem’s Belz Great Synagogue is anything but a replica of the original. The extravagant, massive structure is the largest synagogue in Jerusalem – probably the largest in the world, as well – and can host as many as 7,000 worshipers in its central sanctuary.

  5. Great Synagogue, Jerusalem - GPSmyCity

    The Great Synagogue of Jerusalem is the hallmark location of the Jewish faith in the city. It was founded in 1982 (15th of Av 5742) as a place of worship, spirituality and religious study. It also serves as an important cultural and social center for the people. The center was built in memory of the six million Jews who died during the Holocaust of World War II.

    • Great Synagogue (Jerusalem)
    • The Great Synagogue in Jerusalem
    • Covid concerns close Jerusalem's Grand Synagogue at Rosh Hashanah
    • Covid concerns close Jerusalem's Grand Synagogue at Rosh Hashanah
  6. Belz of Jerusalem, the largest synagogue in the world ...

    Apr 09, 2014 · The Jerusalem Synagogue That Began Its Life as a Pub Why Jerusalem Has Two 'Ramban Synagogues' The magnificent sanctuary, with a ground floor that seats nearly 3,000 men, and six galleries (two for men, four for women) that seat 5,000 more is actually just the seventh floor of the vast Belz World Center in Jerusalem.

  7. Stunning Jewish synagogues in Israel to visit in the Holy Land
    • Great Synagogue (Tel Aviv) Attractions Religious buildings and sites White City. When walking down Allenby Street in Tel Aviv, the Great Synagogue is hard to miss.
    • Hurva Synagogue. Attractions Religious buildings and sites Jerusalem Old City. The Hurva Synagogue was first founded in 1721 and was destroyed several years later, remaining in ruins for 140 years.
    • The Cymbalista Synagogue. Attractions Religious buildings and sites Tel Aviv - Jaffa. The Cymbalista Synagogue and Jewish Heritage Center aims to contribute to the understanding and meeting of minds and hearts among different sects of the Jewish people.
    • Conegliano Veneto Italian Synagogue. Attractions Religious buildings and sites Jerusalem City Center. The Conegilano Veneto Italian Synagogue is located at the U. Nahon Museum of Italian Jewish Art in the center of Jerusalem.
  8. Belz Great Synagogue - Wikipedia

    The Belz Great Synagogue (Hebrew: בעלזא בית המדרש הגדול ‎, Belz Beis HaMedrash HaGadol) is one of the largest synagogues in Israel. It was built by the Belz Hasidic community with financial help from its supporters and admirers around the world.

  9. Belz Great Synagogue, Jerusalem - Tripadvisor

    BELZ MIDRASH AND GREAT SYNAGOGUE The largest synagogue in Israel built by the hasidic Community of Belz in the center of Kryat Belz in Jerusalem an enlarged replica of the original school and synagogue built1843 in the town of BELTZ In Galizia,today part of independent Belaruss. the synagogue seats ten tousand…

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    • 7 Binat Yisakhar, Jerusalem, 9448000
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