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  1. Groovebox - Wikipedia

    A groovebox is a self-contained electronic or digital musical instrument for the production of live, loop-based electronic music with a high degree of user control facilitating improvisation. The term "Groovebox" was originally used by Roland Corporation to refer to its MC-303 , released in 1996. [2]

  2. Roland MC-505 - Wikipedia

    The Roland MC-505 is a groovebox conceived in 1998 as a combination of a MIDI controller, a music sequencer, a drum machine, and a desktop synthesizer with many synthesis features: arpeggiator, oscillators, and voltage-controlled filter, control of attack, decay, sustain and release, diferents envelopes and 2 Lfo.

    • 1998–2002
    • £782 UK, $1299 US
    • 64-note
    • Roland
  3. Roland MC-303 - Wikipedia

    The Roland MC-303 is the first of a series of musical instruments known as a Groovebox.It combines a simple sound module with a sequencer to record and store notation, along with controls aimed at encouraging the musician to improvise the music while it is playing.

    • 1996–1997
    • £565 UK, $699 US
    • 24-note
    • Roland
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  5. Roland MC-808 - Wikipedia

    The Roland MC-808 was a groovebox, announced at the Winter NAMM in 2006. It is the successor to the late Roland MC-303 , Roland MC-307 , Roland MC-505 and Roland MC-909 . Contents

    • March 2006–Early 2008
    • £715 UK, $1249 US
    • 128-note
    • Roland
  6. Roland MC-909 - Wikipedia

    The "pattern" in the groovebox concept as developed by Roland (and thence adopted by other manufacturers) is intended to be a 4-to-16 bars-long small musical phrase made up of 8 to 16 tracks. The chaining of several patterns together (with seamless passage between one another) will create a full song, or the patterns can be looped as wanted and ...

    • 2002–2006
    • £1156 UK, $1795 US
    • 64-note
    • Roland
  7. Groovebox – Wikipedia

    Der Begriff Groovebox wurde von Roland mit der MC-303 (1996) geprägt. Man bezeichnet damit meist eine Kombination aus Sampler oder ROM-Sampler / Synthesizer , Sequenzer und Drumcomputer . Das Konzept wurde stetig weiterentwickelt; heute sind Grooveboxen oft vollwertige Produktionszentralen.

  8. Groovebox - Things and Stuff Wiki

    Minimal - a mini groovebox-style drum machine with an onboard bass synth. A quick and easy way to make some beats on the fly. Windows VST. Rebirth RB 338.

  9. Groovebox – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

    O termo Groovebox foi originalmente usado pela Roland Corporation para à sua MC-303, mas o termo tem entrado em uso geral.Trata-se de um instrumento auto-suficiente na produção ao vivo de música, baseada em loops eletrônicos com alto grau de improvisação do usuário facilitando o controle.

  10. A groovebox is a standalone music production instrument that combines onboard sequencing tools with one or more sound generation modules—most commonly drums, bass synths or samples. Before DAWs and computer sequencers, grooveboxes were the cheapest, most accessible way to build entire tracks.

  11. Yamaha RM1x - Wikipedia

    The Yamaha RM1x is a groovebox manufactured by Yamaha from 1999 to 2002. It integrates several, commonly separate, pieces of music composition and performance hardware into a single unit: a step-programmable drum machine, a synthesizer, a music sequencer, and a control surface.