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    Although Darwin was diagnosed with heart disease and, it has long been assumed that he died from a heart attack, in recent years some physicians believe that Darwin was actually suffering from a tropical parasitic illness called Chagas disease. This cannot be proven, as the disease had not been identified in Darwin's time and he was not tested for it, but has been diagnosed based on his symptoms. Darwin died at his home, Down House, at the age of 73. Allegedly, the last words he spoke were to his wife Emma and they began with \\"I am not the least afraid to die.\\" Some people have tried to cite this as evidence for his conversion to Christianity at the end of his life, but this theory has been vigorously denied by Darwin's family.

    Chagas' disease is an illness spread by insects, particularly in South and Central America. It is believed that Darwin contracted the disease while he was doing research on plant and animal life on one of the islands.

    Symptoms of the disease match up to the state that Darwin was in at the end of his life. These symptoms can take up to 20 years to manifest, so he very well might have been bitten by a bug while he was doing research when he was younger. It's also believed that he had multiple other diseases, possibly contracted on his travels around the world. Symptoms of Chagas disease include:

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    Dec 17, 2019 · The cover caption of UNCANNY X-MEN (1963) #42 boldly declared that the issue would depict “the death of Professor X.” Sure enough, Charles Xavier perished while trying to save the world from the vengeful being known as Grotesk. In his final moments, Xavier told the X-Men that he was already dying before he was mortally wounded.

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  7. Apr 08, 2021 · Charles died on Tuesday, April 6, her family confirmed in a statement on social media. The family did not disclose the cause or manner of her death. On March 1, Charles announced she had received the first dose of the experimental Covid-19 mRNA vaccine. Charles died days after she would have received her second dose of the gene therapy vaccine.

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    • He Was Born Into Turmoil. As king, Charles I didn’t make life easy for himself—and, as an eventual result, made things terribly difficult for his son.
    • He Was The Heir With A Spare, And Then Some. Charles II wasn’t the first of his name. His parents had named their first son Charles as well, but he’d passed on shortly after birth.
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    • The King Was In Trouble. Things had been tense after Charles II’s birth, but as he grew up, his father and Parliament reached a kind of peace. But then, it all fell apart in an instant.
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