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  1. How to Make a Video in Windows Movie Maker: 13 Steps › Make-a-Video-in-Windows-Movie-Maker
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    Download Windows Essentials. This is a free software package from Microsoft that contains Windows Movie Maker as well as a few other Windows utilities. You can find the installation program from the Microsoft website. Windows Movie Maker is included in Windows Vista and XP, but needs to be downloaded for Windows 7 and 8.
    Open Windows Movie Maker. You can find it in your Start Menu under all programs, or you can search for “movie maker” and select it from the results.
    Familiarize yourself with the interface. Windows Movie Maker 2012 is organized in a similar way to Microsoft Office. You can navigate through the various options by selecting the tabs at the top of the window. Home – This is the main tab for Movie Maker. You can use this tab to add videos, images, and audio to your project. You can also select premade themes for the movie, rotate the image ...
    Save often! Windows Movie Maker can suddenly freeze and you'll have to shut down the program. It usually happens if you've uploaded a large number of files, but sometimes it just freezes if the computer is moving slow. Thanks! Helpful 10 Not Helpful 0
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  2. Hi and welcome to the Movie Maker Tutorial for Beginners. Learn the basics of video editing in this quick tutorial. Master and learn video editing in movie m...

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  3. Select View video effects in the Edit Movie section of the Movie Tasks pane (or choose Video Effects from the Collections pulldown menu). The Collection area will display a series of icons for the video effects available in Windows Movie Maker. Choose a video effect and drag it into a clip in the Storyboard.

  4. How to Use Movie Maker | Step-by-step Guide for Beginners (2021) › use-movie-maker
    • How to Get Windows Movie Maker. Before creating a movie via Windows Movie Maker you need to download and install this free video editing software.
    • How to Import Files to Windows Movie Maker 1. Adding Videos and Photos. Open Windows Movie Maker to get its main interface, as shown below. Now, you can try the following steps to import files to Movie Maker
    • How to Edit Clips in Windows Movie Maker. 1.Moving Files in a Project. You can directly drag the files to rearrange them in a different order within a project.
    • How to Add Transitions and Visual Effects in Windows Movie Maker. 1.Adding Transitions between Clips. Transition effects, widely used in video editing software like Windows Movie Maker, appear when one slide/clip replaces another one, improving your video editing skills.
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  6. How to Make a Split Screen Video on Windows Movie Maker › video-editing › windows-movie

    Feb 26, 2021 · Navigate to the toolbar and click on the "Split Screen" button. Now you can select the screen type you need and add videos to each screen. Step 3: Customize the split screen settings You can open the split screen window and set the duration of each video, and set the border for the screens.

  7. But now with YouTube Movie Maker's predefined profiles, you can easily make the best YouTube videos, and it even supports 4K/2K/HD YouTube Videos. High Performance All-in-one YouTube Movie Maker, helps you design, create, make, edit, capture, upload, publish, manage and promote YouTube videos very effectively, quickly and easily, in a short ...

  8. Karaoke video maker, How to make a ... - YouTube Movie Maker › karaokevideosmaker

    Make by Click Run YouTube Movie Maker, click upper left red "LRC" button to startup Lyric Video Maker, create and save a lyrics file(*.rzlrc).

  9. How to Flip a Video Clip in Windows Live Movie Maker - Solve ... › how-flip-video-clip
    • Begin by launching Windows Live Movie Maker. This is done by clicking the Start button at the bottom-left corner of your screen, clicking All Programs, then clicking Windows Live Movie Maker.
    • Click the Click here to browse for photos and videos link at the center of the window, then double-click the video file that you want to flip.
    • Click the Home tab at the top of the window.
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