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  1. How to Heal a Broken Heart When a Relationship Ends › how-to-heal-a-broken-heart

    The pain of an ended relationship is one that many people experience, maybe even more than once in a lifetime. Movies and books make it seem easy to bounce back after a broken heart: The happy endings either see a couple getting back together or someone moving on to an even better relationship.

  2. Broken Heart Syndrome: How Heartbreak Affects Your Health › broken-heart-syndrome

    Broken heart syndrome is a temporary heart condition caused by stressful situations, like the loss of a loved one. Also known as takotsubo cardiomyopathy, stress cardiomyopathy, or apical ballooning, this condition is the heart’s reaction to an influx of stress hormones. Those who have it may even mistake it for a cardiac arrest.

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  4. 7 Steps to Heal a Broken Heart | Psychology Today › intl › blog

    Feb 10, 2019 · Anyone who has gone through a breakup knows that a broken heart can be difficult to mend. This universal emotional response to the sudden, unexpected, or unwanted loss of love is often...

  5. The science behind a broken heart | Queensland Health › news-events › news

    Aug 01, 2017 · We feel heart broken when we lose someone or something we loved or wanted very much, like a romantic relationship or a friendship, a family member, a pet, or a job or opportunity that was very important to us. Heartbreak can cause a large amount of stress, especially if the loss is a sudden one.

  6. This is how a broken heart affects your health | Now To Love › health › sex

    Scoda says someone experiencing a broken heart may expect to feel “feel sad, depressed, anxious, betrayed, lost, abandoned”. “You might obsess about your ex-partner or start to doubt your self-worth. The more you get stuck in negative thinking, the more likely it is to impact on your mood and the longer it will take to recover,” she says.

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  7. Can having a broken heart actually damage your real heart? › can-having-a-broken-heart

    Mar 15, 2017 · Mar 15, 2017 · 4 min read. Although there are many romantic notions around people dying from a broken heart, the evidence is actually quite striking that this is a strong possibility and there are specific medical conditions that do arise in this situation. Firstly, and most obviously, a person with a broken heart is less likely to follow important lifestyle principles which are commonly associated with reduced risk for cardiovascular disease.

  8. 7 Ways God Heals a Broken Heart | Relationship Break Up ... › love-family › relationships

    A broken heart doesn't have to ruin your self-worth. God will life your heart up and put it back together, you just have to let Him in! Learn the seven amazing ways that God's love will heal your ...

  9. How to Heal a Broken Heart: 32 Tips for Moving Forward › health › how-to-heal-a-broken-heart

    Sep 20, 2019 · While many people associate a broken heart with the end of a romantic relationship, therapist Jenna Palumbo, LCPC, emphasizes that “grief is complicated.” The death of a loved one, job loss,...

  10. The Psychological Effects of Breaking Up › pulse › psychological-effects

    Jul 23, 2015 · It may be that people who say it feels like their heart has been broken are describing a real physically painful sensation. ... The person who makes the decision to end a relationship often (and ...

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