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    Kirby Wiki was founded on April 7, 2007, and currently has 2,280 articles and 66,036 pages. Kirby Wiki recommends Chrome / Firefox: Does not support Internet Explorer 6.

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    These are the twelve main platformers in the Kirby series, with each game's Japanese title beginning with 星のカービィ (Hoshi no Kābī, "Kirby of the Stars"). The games feature Kirby's signature inhale, as well as his Copy Ability (with one exception). These games are also considered to be confirmed canon.

    These are games that do not follow the traditional formula of the main series, and take on a wide variety of genres. Many of these have unconfirmed status in canon.

    These games are rereleases of older games for newer systems, often enhancing graphics and adding additional content.

    There are five known Kirby games were under development at some point but were never released. They are regarded as cancelled games.

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  3. Kirby (series) - Wikipedia

    Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble is the only Kirby game to have a special cartridge color (transparent pink) in North America. The only Kirby game for the GameCube, Kirby Air Ride, was released in North America in October 2003.

  4. Kirby Wiki

    Jan 01, 2021 · Kirby's Block Ball is a spin-off puzzle game in the Kirby series released on the Game Boy in 1995 in Japan and overseas in 1996. It was released again on the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console in 2011 for Japan and 2012 overseas. Kirby's Block Ball is based on Breakout, with Kirby serving as the ball and the player controlling the paddles for the ...

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    Kirby was conceived by Masahiro Sakurai, a video game designer then under HAL Laboratory's employment when designing a game for Nintendo's Game Boy. He was originally created as a blob placeholder sprite for the game, originally titled \\"Twinkle Popo\\" (ティンクル・ポポ, read Tinkuru popo). Over time, Sakurai grew fond of the placeholder sprite, and preferred it over the conception of the original protagonist of the game it was being designed for, so Kirby became the star of his first game. Despite the...

    Kirby is a small pink spherical creature with two stubby arms, two red feet and two oval-shaped eyes with black pupils (with a faint shade of blue at the bottom starting with Kirby Super Star, which was brightened in later appearances). Kirby's cheek-blushes weren't introduced until his second game, Kirby's Adventure, where they appeared as two black whisker lines in artwork. In subsequent games until Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, they were depicted as three red diagonal lines in artwork, alt...

    Kirby's signature technique is his inhale and has been performing it since Kirby's Dream Land. It is available in almost every standard Kirby platformer with the exception of Kirby's Epic Yarn and Kirby Mass Attack. Kirby: Squeak Squad’s manual attributes this ability to his \\"powerful lungs\\", although all Kirby is ever seen doing is opening his mouth really wide and sucking up lots of air in the manner resembling a vacuum cleaner more than breathing. Traditionally, Kirby's inhale is unlimited...

    Kirby's species has been a common topic of debate in his fandom. Unlike many other video game mascots, such as Link being Hylian or Pikachu being a Pokémon, Kirby's kind has never been given an official name, but fans commonly refer to his species as \\"puffs,\\" such as puffballs or cream puffs, or simply as \\"a Kirby.\\" While Kirby is the one given the most emphasis, he is not the only member of his kind. There is evidence of the existence of other members of his species from the similar-looking...

    Kirby is not as strongly affiliated with other Dream Landers as some of them might be with each other, for example King Dedede and his Waddle Dees, or Meta Knight with the Meta-Knights. In the games, during Dream Land's peace time, Kirby is either seen sleeping on a grassy turf or eating something rather than being with someone else most of the time. When Dream Land is in need of saving, Kirby mostly adventures solo, but occasionally gets help in the form of Animal Friends in Kirby's Dream La...

    Kirby stars in all the games in the Kirby series, most of which are platformers.He hails from Planet Popstar, where he lives in a dome-shaped house in Dream Land. He is the hero of Dream Land, which he usually has to save from whatever evil that attacks it, sometimes traveling to other lands or planets to do so. Often, near the end of the game Kirby gains a Final Weapon that he must fight the main villain with.He features in several spin-offs of varied genres, including racing, pinball, break...

    Kirby has appeared in every Super Smash Bros. game to date. He retains many of his abilities from his own series, such as being able to inhale his enemies. He also incorporates Copy Abilities such as Fighter, Backdrop, Suplex, Ninja, Stone, Hammer, and Yo-Yo into his moveset without having to copy these abilities from enemies.Kirby can inflate himself and float in this game, but he can only flap his arms six times before it appears that all the excess air leaves his body and he falls. He cann...

    1. Kirby's original name was \\"Popopo.\\" The name of the Popopo Islands in Kirby Mass Attack is a homage to this fact. 2. In the North American television commercial for Kirby's Dream Land, it was shown that Kirby had a tuft of hair and teeth. This was an obvious deviation from his original design. 3. In the Super Smash Bros. series, many of Jigglypuff's attacks and abilities are similar to Kirby's. 4. While not affiliated with anyone in particular, Kirby has been depicted as having a romantic...

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    During the early development of Kirby's Dream Land, Kirby went by the name Popopo (known in Japan as ポポポ), but Nintendo eventually decided they wanted something that would more appeal to the Western audience.In an interview with Shigeru Miyamoto at E3 2011 by Game Informer, Miyamoto confirmed rumors that the name Kirby was partially inspired by attorney John Kirby, who defended Nintendo in the case Universal City Studios, Inc. v. Nintendo Co., Ltd., in which Universal alleged that Donkey Kong...

    For a Nintendo character, Kirby is amongst the simplest in appearance. As nothing more than a pink, 8-inch tall, charismatic ball with red feet, Kirby uses the malleability and flexibility of his tuft-shaped body to establish his individuality, and traverse the colorful, interactive landscapes around him. On his own, Kirby has little physical strength. However his ability to mimic his foes' characteristics, known as Copy Abilities, through ingestion adds quite the amount of physical, chemical...

    Kirby has had many adventures, which has given him the opportunity to learn and utilize many different moves. The following table list every move that Kirby has had in the main series, starting with the most common ones downward to the rarest:(moves performed with Copy Abilities will not be listed here)

    Kirby is the hero and main playable character in every game in his series, with the exception of Dedede's Drum Dash Deluxe. Kirby has also appeared in every Super Smash Bros. game as a fighter, and never needs to be unlocked. The following lists Kirby's role in each game in his series, as well as those of Super Smash Bros. games where applicable. For more information about the plot of each individual game as a whole, see the respective articles for each game.

    Kirby is the main character and primary focus of the anime Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, known as Hoshi no Kabi (Kirby of the Stars) in Japan. Here, he is depicted as an infant Star Warrior who was called upon before his appointed time to protect Dream Land (specifically Cappy Town) from the Demon Beasts called upon by King Dedede using NightMare Enterprises' monster delivery system. In the anime, Kirby is but a toddler, capable of only shouting the word 'poyo' repeatedly, and has to be looked af...

    Kirby has appeared in some form or another outside of his series. The following lists his appearances in games that are not Kirby or Super Smash Bros. games: 1. Arcana - Kirby makes a cameo appearance in the introductory cut-scene of the game, appearing (twice) in the horde of monsters led by Galneon (image on right). Arcana was also developed by HAL Laboratory and released precisely one month before Kirby's Dream Land in Japan, meaning that this was technically Kirby's very first appearance...

    Kirby has appeared in a multitude of sprite-based two-dimensional games. The following table lists in chronological order his primary sprite appearances, along with any pertinent notes:

    This is the signature title of Kirby in his universe, which only appears in the Japanese and Chinese versions, but is omitted in other localizations. It is also the prefix that indicates a main series title in the Japanese and Chinese versions.

    1. During early development of Kirby's Dream Land, Kirby went by the name of 'Popopo'. This name was later discarded in in favor of the more familiar one before the game's release. Much later, the Popopo Islands in Kirby Mass Attack were named after this original name as an homage. 1. Additionally, Kirby's simplistic appearance was originally a placeholder for a more detailed character, but Masahiro Sakurai and the developers came to prefer the simple design and stuck with it. 2. In early ti...

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    Kirby's Dream Collection Special Edition is a compilation title released to commemorate the Kirby series' 20th anniversary. The playable content in the compilation consists of six past games referred to as "Classic Titles" and 13 previously unreleased Challengestages on one Wii disc, and it comes with a complimentary soundtrack CD and a collectible 48-page celebration book.

    Kirby's Dream Collection Special Edition received positive reviews, holding a rating of 81.29 out of 100 on Game Rankingsand a score of 82 out of 100 on Metacritic.

    Similarly to how the level names of Kirby's Return to Dream Land spell out "CROWNED," the names of the levels in Challenge Mode spell out the abbreviation "HAL," which is a reference to HAL Laborat...
    Kirby's Dream Collection Special Edition is one of the few Kirby games that launched in the United States with a price below the usual Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price; where most Wii games so...
    The Paulowina wood-based design of the keep case's cover art is a homage to the Japanese box art of Kirby Super Star. In Japan, this wood is culturally significant, being used to store valuable obj...
    This is the first Kirby game since 2004's Kirby & The Amazing Mirror to be packaged in a cardboard box, primarily because of the keep case's inability to contain both the instruction manual and the...
    ↑ Kirby's Dream Collection Special Editionwebsite
    ↑ Official US site
  7. Kirby Page - Wikipedia

    Kirby Page (1890–1957) was an American Disciples of Christ minister, an author, and a peace activist. Life. In 1890 Kirby Page was born in Hamlet, Texas after which ...

  8. Kirby | List of Deaths Wiki | Fandom

    Kirby (the pink puffball, he is also cute, uwu) is a series of video games by Nintendo about the hero Kirby who often fights enemies by inhaling objects or enemies and spitting them out at them, sometimes using the Copy ability. As such, the way Kirby defeats his enemies varies depending on player choice. The Kirby games have a lighter atmosphere but it has many Dark Forms for villains. Also ...

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