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    • 63 years
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  3. Félix Gray - Wikipedia › wiki › Felix_Gray

    Félix Gray. Félix Boutboul, most known under the pseudonym of Félix Gray (born 28 June 1958, Tunis ), is a French singer and songwriter. He has a daughter named Marie-Charlotte, born on 7 January 1991.

  4. F. Gary Gray - Wikipedia › wiki › F

    Felix Gary Gray (born July 17, 1969) is an American film director, film producer, music video director, and actor. Gray began his career as a director on numerous critically acclaimed and award-winning music videos, including " It Was a Good Day " by Ice Cube , " Natural Born Killaz " by Dr. Dre and Ice Cube, " Keep Their Heads Ringin' " by Dr. Dre, " Waterfalls " by TLC , and " Ms. Jackson " by Outkast .

    • Film director, film producer, music video director, actor
    • 1989–present
  5. Felix Gray (Robert), 68 - Temecula, CA Has Court or Arrest ... › felix-gray › e333939462498

    Summary: Felix Gray is 68 years old and was born on 07/25/1952. Felix Gray lives in Temecula, CA; previous city include Dana Point CA. Felix Gray lives in Temecula, CA; previous city include Dana Point CA.

    • 31805 Temecula Pkwy, Temecula, CA 92592
  6. Felix Gray is powering offices—and home offices—around the world. Equip your team with Blue Light filtering eyewear and feel the difference. In work, life, and balance.

  7. Jun 13, 2016 · Felix Gray General Information Description. Operator of an online retail platform intended to offer and sell a wide range of handcrafted computer glasses and spectacles.

  8. The History of Glasses | Felix Gray Blog › blog › when-were-eyeglasses-invented
    • Back When It All Started
    • Developments from The 1700s to The 1900s
    • The Role of Celebrities
    • The 1950s to Today

    Before the invention of glasses, most people with poor vision just went through life without any aid. At a certain point, people decided to come up with a solution after being sick of having bad vision. They decided to improvise and experiment with different fixes. In fact, the Romans in Italy were the first people who started experimenting with different types of spectacles to try to help their failing vision around the 13th century. They discovered that they could use glass to enlarge small words they were struggling to see. These were referred to as “reading stones.” They then set the glass into wooden or leather “frames” to perch on their nose between their eyes to make it easier to read. These can be seen as the first reading glasses (which really operated like magnifying glasses). The glasses invented back then were created in several different thicknesses, just like today’s eyewear that caters to people’s different vision needs. At this time, glasses were only available to th...

    The next advancement in the eyeglasses history was transforming these designs to be hands-free. Glasses were revolutionized by arms that extended over the ears so they’d rest on the face without the help of one’s hands. After this new advancement, the progression of glasses grew pretty quickly. Benjamin Franklin is a notable figure in glasses history because he is credited with the creation of the bifocal lenses in 1784. The bifocal lens allowed a person who had both nearsighted and farsighted to use one pair of glasses instead of having to switch lenses, making a much more pleasant experience for the glasses wearer. This was a big step forward in glasses history because it changed the way that people with very poor vision wore and used eyeglasses. In the early 1800s, another advancement that helped the eyeglass reach a larger audience was the shift from glasses being handmade to mass-produced. This made them more widely available to a larger group of people from different socioecon...

    Celebrities played a large role in glasses history and which styles gained the best popularity. For example, sunglasses started to become popular in the 1930s because famous stars started wearing them and were seen in them. It was also because new technology that filtered and polarized the sunlight had just been created a few years earlier. The era also influenced the popularity of styles that were worn. For instance, the aviator style of sunglasses that is incredibly popular nowadays was first created to help serve the needs of World War II pilots. Eyeglasses as fashion accessories became increasingly popular during this time period as well, which further developed their popularity.

    Progressive lenses were created in 1959 which are multifocal lenses. People wear them so that they don’t have to switch their glasses every time they need to see close and then far away. Progressives allow the wearer to not have to wear different glasses to treat both nearsightedness and farsightedness if they suffer from both, which can often happen as one ages. This is similar to the original bifocal lenses, but progressives smoothly transition prescriptions. This was a top advancement in the eyeglasses world. Lenses were also transformed from glass to being made of mostly plastic. This was a big deal because lenses used to be easily breakable and would shatter frequently. The change to plastic made these problems a thing of the past. The frames of glasses were also able to be made of plastic, which allowed them to be easily moldable, and they no longer had to be made of metal, wood, or glass, which were tougher. From there, glasses have continued to adapt and be modernized for to...

  9. Felix Gray Review: Is It Worth It? - › health › felix-gray

    Mar 16, 2021 · Felix Gray is an eyewear retailer that sells prescription and nonprescription glasses and sunglasses. Felix Gray specializes in blue-light filtering glasses for children and adults.

  10. Why I'm returning my Felix Gray Designer Computer Eye Wear ... › why-i-am-returning-my-felix-grays

    Mar 01, 2018 · Felix Gray sent me a new (and complimentary) pair of Faraday eyeglasses in exchange for an updated honest review. Below, you can read my old review (from a year ago) and see that I had returned my last pair, as it had a few issues.

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