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    Core-dump files Format. In older and simpler operating systems, each process had a contiguous address-space, so a dump file was sometimes simply a file with the sequence of bytes, digits, characters or words. On other early machines a dump file contained discrete records, each containing a storage address and the associated contents.

  2. Jul 10, 2022 · Note that the files are using parallel compression, which means that some decompressors cannot reliably unpack the files. If you are using Windows you can use e.g. Bzip2. On *nix systems, use lbzip2 which can decompress Bzip2 in parallel. pbzip2 is not a good choice because it is not able to decompress in parallel files not compressed with pbzip2.

  3. Oct 07, 2019 · Review your dump files. BlueScreenView has a top pane and a bottom pane; you'll see the dump file(s) listed in the top pane, while the programs that were recorded by the currently selected dump file will appear in the bottom pane. You can select a dump file by clicking it in the top pane.

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    Kiwix is a free and open-source offline web browser created by Emmanuel Engelhart and Renaud Gaudin in 2007. It was first launched to allow offline access to Wikipedia, but has since expanded to include other projects from the Wikimedia Foundation, as well as public domain texts from Project Gutenberg.

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    Files : ----- : features for country with iso code XX, see 'geoname' table for columns. 'no-country' for features not belonging to a country. : all countries combined in one file, see 'geoname' table for columns : all cities with a population > 500 or seats of adm div down to PPLA4 (ca 185.000), see ...

  6. Planet.osm is the OpenStreetMap data in one file: all the nodes, ways and relations that make up our map. A new version is released every week. It's a big file (on 2022-08-01, the plain OSM XML variant takes over 1620.6 GB when uncompressed from the 117.8 GB bzip2-compressed or 64.4 GB PBF-compressed downloaded data file).

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