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      • By playing the drums you are able to improve your coordination skills. When you start out playing the drums you’ll probably experience a lack of coordination when you try to move limbs separately. However, after hours of practice you’ll get better and better.,hours%20of%20practice%20you%E2%80%99ll%20get%20better%20and%20better.
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  2. 10 Reasons Why You Should Learn to Play the Drum Set - CMUSE
    • Drums are found in almost all genres of music. Drums are among the oldest musical instruments so it comes as no surprise that drums are needed and found in all musical genres.
    • Help your coordination and motor skills. A lot of people would argue that drumming necessitates a level of coordination that is not always needed in other instruments.
    • Improve your confidence levels. It can become increasingly challenging for drummers to stay on top and keep up with the different techniques. As such, when a drummer overcomes such challenges, the confidence boost that comes with overcoming the challenge can allow one to explore other areas of difficulty in their lives.
    • Drum sets make brilliant stress relievers. Whether you are performing professionally in front of audiences or are simply hitting the drums for fun, drumming is a sure-fire way to deal with stress and anxiety.
  3. The Fastest Way To Get Better At Playing Drums | Articles

    The most important thing you can do on the drums. The fastest way to get better at playing the drums is to start playing real music. More specifically, you should play along to your favorite songs using beats, fills, and other musical ideas from more experienced drummers.

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  4. The 10 best things about playing the drums -

    Apr 01, 2015 · Playing the drums is fun, whether you play like a pro or just pound away on a pair of bongos, either way you’ll have a blast. You are able to create, and creating is what humans like most. What you create is a beat, a beat to which people can dance or band membres can play. Reason #2 You will improve your coordination skills

  5. 7 Ways That Playing the Drums is Good For You | Blog ...

    Researchers have found that playing drums can actually boost brain power in a measurable way. when it comes to IQ. “Playing the drums makes the brain think in a way that very few activities can,” said Pat Brown, International Drum Month chairman and Percussion Marketing Council co-executive director.

  6. The 80/20 Rule For Playing Drums In A Band | Learn Drums Now

    It may be okay for a while but eventually you may get bored, or worse yet, give up on the drums. Here’s the truth: It’s better to learn just enough technique playing all the parts of the drum set than to spend a lot of time learning to play one drum.

  7. While there’s nothing wrong with teaching yourself to play drums (especially with the abundance of online videos and resources), many new drummers can progress more quickly with a drum teacher. There are a few ways to find one.

  8. 10 Essential Tips Every Drummer Should Know – DRUM! Magazine
    • HAND AND FOOT TECHNIQUE. Grip Holding the sticks in an efficient manner is key to getting off to a good start. An easy way to find your grip is to stand up with your hands at your side.
    • LEARNING METHODS. Heel-down vs. Heel-up In heel-down technique, the entire bottom portion of the foot remains on the pedalboard as the lower leg and ankle push down.
    • TIME AND GROOVE. Songs Let’s face it; drumming is mostly used for accompaniment. Our job is to help convey the message and support the song. Though there are many great play-alongs available, drumming to music that includes both vocal melody and lyrics is invaluable.
    • COORDINATION. Ostinatos Drum set coordination can be a frightening prospect to beginners. One way to develop coordination is to use ostinatos (continuous patterns).
    • To learn to play drums, you must first understand rhythm. What is it that makes a band great? Let me let you in on a little secret. Great bands fall apart without great drummers.
    • Learning how to play your first beat or song. One song that very clearly marks the tempo of the music with a drum played on every beat is ‘Do I Wanna Know’ by the Arctic Monkeys.
    • Introducing the bass and snare. The first drum you hear on the track is the bass drum, followed by the snare drum. The bass drum is played on beats 1 and 3 and the snare drum is played on beats 2 and 4.
    • Understanding 8th notes and playing your second song. If you feel like you’ve understood what we’ve covered so far in this article, the next step is to look at notes that don’t always fall on the beat.
    • Sexy to play the drums ?

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      Well drummers are usually fairly well-built and in great shape due to all the painstaking exercise they get behind their drum kit. I'd say girls like the idea of a bloke getting all sweaty bashing a few drums with sticks. Someone else said...

    • Would it be better to play guitar or drums ?

      4 answers

      Bands are always desperate for drummers, since there are so few of them, so if you were even a remotely competent drummer you'd be in demand. I know two drummers who make a living by playing with several bands, though their schedules can be...

    • When learning to play drums is it better to ..?

      2 answers

      Well, I'm a drummer so I can help. Honestly it's better to learn songs by ear and sheet music. Some good techniques are parradiddles. It's a rudement, what I'm about to show is how to do it. R stands for right hand. L stands for left hand....

  9. Nov 05, 2015 · 50+ videos Play all Mix - How to Play Drums & "Act" at Different Gigs - Free Drum Lesson YouTube 5 Beginner Drumming Techniques You Need To Know - Drum Lesson - Duration: 16:12. Drumeo 3,662,028 views

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    • Getting Familiar with the Instrument 1 Get familiar with the basic drum kit. Each kit is different, using different kinds of drums that make up a set.
    • Learning Rhythm 1 Start learning to drum with your hands. You don't have to have a monstrous kit with a gong like Neil Peart from Rush to get started drumming.
    • Practicing Properly 1 Buy a metronome. This can't be stressed enough: you need to learn to play a steady, even tempo and the easiest way to beat that into your brain is by practicing with a metronome.
    • Learning Limb Independence 1 Learn your snare drum rudiments. The basic "single" stroke and a "double" stroke are absolutely essential to developing your limb independence and drum complexity.