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  1. Apr 20, 2017 · Complete walkthrough of the classic game, including some hidden easter eggs and additional resources. You may also like: Full Throttle Remastered - 100% Achievement Guide. Introduction Full Throttle follows the story of Ben, the leader of notorious biker gang The Polecats.

  2. Full game walkthrough for all 40 Achievements in Full Throttle Remastered. It should take between 3 and 4 hours to complete.

  3. Abbreviated Walkthrough: Full Throttle Remastered includes a whopping 40 achievements that didn't ship with the original in 1995. There is a good mix of story-related, easter egg, and skippable ...

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  5. Full Throttle Remastered Walkthrough Part 1 No Commentary GameplayFull Throttle is a graphic adventure game developed by LucasArts and designed by Tim Schafe...

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  6. Go to the left and on the map of the area that appears when you do, and then select the trailer (on the left). Knock on the door, and when the occupant (Todd) will start talking from the other side, kick it open (achievement - Trailer Trashed; you have to do this before the man is gone, that is before he calls Ben a fool - if you are late and the trailer will prove to be empty, go outside and ...

  7. Prev Walkthrough Chapter Three Foil Ripburger's intentions The speeding truck When you land on the hood of a truck driven by Ripburger, you must act quite quickly - the hero is on a time limit and you have to get out of this sticky situation before the vehicle falls off of a collapsed bridge (of course, failure does not mean total defeat, you ...

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