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  1. James Barbour (June 10, 1775 – June 7, 1842) was an American lawyer, politician and planter. He served as a delegate from Orange County, Virginia in the Virginia General Assembly, and as speaker of the Virginia House of Delegates. He was the 18th Governor of Virginia and the first Governor to reside in the current Virginia Governor's Mansion.

  2. James Barbour (born April 25, 1966) is an American singer and theatre actor. He played the title role in the Broadway production of The Phantom of the Opera from February 2015 until December 2017. Among his credits are the Beast in Beauty and the Beast and Sydney Carton in A Tale of Two Cities , for which he was nominated for the Drama Desk Award in the Outstanding Actor in a Musical category.

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    • Overview
    • Early life and education
    • Early political career
    • Marriage and children
    • American Civil War
    • Later life

    James Barbour was a Virginia lawyer, planter, politician and Confederate officer. He represented Culpeper County, Virginia in the Virginia General Assembly, as well as in the Virginia Constitutional Convention of 1850 and the Virginia secession convention of 1861. Barbour also served among Virginia's delegates to the 1860 Democratic National Convention, and as a major in the Confederate States Army during the American Civil War.

    Barbour was born on February 26, 1828 at Catalpa in Culpeper County, Virginia. Among the First Families of Virginia, his family had been prominent in the area since colonial times, when his namesake great-grandfather settled in Virginia's Piedmont region. He was among the sons of John S. Barbour, Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Virginia's 15th congressional district, and his wife Ella A. Byrne. Barbour attended Georgetown College from September through December 1840. and then th

    In 1850, voters from the central Piedmont district that combined Culpeper County, as well as Greene, Madison and Orange Counties elected Barbour among their three delegates to the Virginia Constitutional Convention of 1850, along with Robert A. Banks and John Woolfolk. In the decade before the American Civil War, Culpeper county's voters elected James Barbour to the Virginia House of Delegates for the 1852–1853 session. However, voters selected Perry J. Eggborn in the next two elections ...

    Barbour married Fanny Thomas Beckham, daughter of Coleman Coals Beckham and his wife Mary C. Beckham, on September 1, 1857. They had seven children: 1. Ella B. Barbour Rixey m. John Franklin Rixey 2. Mary B. Barbour Wallace m. Clarence B. Wallace 3. James Byrne Barbour 4. John Strode Barbour m. Mary B. Grimsley 5. Edwin Barbour m. Josie McDonald 6. A. Floyd Barbour 7. Fanny C. Barbour Beckham m. Benjamin Collins Beckham Barbour and his family lived at Beauregard near Brandy Station in Culpeper C

    During the American Civil War, Culpeper County voters again elected James Barbour to the Virginia House of Delegates; he served during the sessions 1861/62, 1862, 1862, and 1863. However, John H. Rixey succeeded him for the session which began on September 7, 1863. After Virginia's secession, Barbour volunteered to serve in the Confederate States Army and was commissioned as a major on the staff of General Richard S. Ewell. After a dispute with General Jubal Anderson Early, Barbour resigned on J

    After the war, Barbour acquired a controlling interest in the Richmond Daily Enquirer and Examiner on July 15, 1867 and became its editor. Barbour owned the newspaper until January 30, 1870, when it was acquired by interests affiliated with the Pennsylvania Railroad. In 1877, Barbour returned to the Virginia House of Delegates, succeeding his relative Thomas B. Nalle for one term, after which fellow Confederate veterans Jonathan C. Gibson or Jacob S. Eggborn held the seat. In 1885, Culpeper's de

    • 1861-1863
    • Major(CSA)
  4. James Barbour (1834 - 5 May 1912) was a Scottish architect responsible for over four hundred buildings in Dumfriesshire and Kirkcudbrightshire. His twin brother Robert set up the drapers shop in Dumfries which went on to become the business R Barbour & Sons.

  5. James Joseph Barbour (December 28, 1869 – March 29, 1946) was an American politician and lawyer. Biography. Barbour was born in Hartford, Connecticut. He worked in the newspaper business and was involved in public speaking in Camden, New Jersey. He studied law in a law office in Chicago, Illinois and at Lake Forest University. Barbour was ...

    • Lawyer, politician
    • March 29, 1946 (aged 76), Evanston, Illinois
    • James Joseph Barbour, December 28, 1869, Hartford, Connecticut
    • Republican
  6. James Barbour (1734–1804) was a prominent landowner and member of the Virginia House of Burgesses. This James Barbour Jr. was the son of the former Sarah Todd and James Barbour (1707–1775) who patented land in Spotsylvania County, Virginia in 1731 and 1733, some of which would later be located in Orange County, Virginia and Culpeper County, Virginia after those counties were created.

    • Elizabeth Barbour, Gabriel Barbour, Philip Edwin Barbour, Lucy Reed Baylor
    • Planter, militia officer, politician
    • American
    • James Barbour Sr.
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