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    The Jewish Quarter (Hebrew: הרובע היהודי ‎, HaRova HaYehudi; Arabic: حارة اليهود ‎, Harat al-Yehud) is one of the four traditional quarters of the Old City of Jerusalem (part of Israeli-occupied East Jerusalem).

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    • The Western Wall
    • Hurva Synagogue
    • The Cardo
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    The Western Wall (in Hebrew the Kotel) is the number one attraction of the Jewish Quarter and probably the whole of the Old City of Jerusalem. The holiest site in Judaism, this iconic wall is actually the last remaining wall of the courtyard which surrounded Second Temple towards where Jews around the world face to pray. Dating from the Herodian period Jews from around the world come to the wall to pray. You don’t have to be Jewish to go up to the Western Wall – you just need to be dressed modestly and have your head covered if you’re a man (there are skullcaps available at the entrance). One traditional act which is undertaken at the Western Wall is placing a prayer written on a small note in a crack in the wall (in case you aren’t actually able to visit the Western Wall in person, there is a free service allowing you to send your prayers to Jerusalem). The iconic image of the Western Wall with the large plaza in front is actually just a portion of the remnants of the wall – with m...

    The Hurva Synagogue is one of the crown jewels of the Jewish Quarter in Jerusalem. Originally constructed in the 18th century, it was destroyed only a few years later, remaining an empty ruin for over 140 years (this was when it was given the name ‘Hurva’ which means ruin). It was re-built in 1864 and named officially the Beis Yaakov Synagogue (but informally still referred to as the Hurva) and became the main Ashkenazi synagogue for Jerusalem (Ashkenazim are Jews who descend from medieval communities in Central and Eastern Europe). The reconstructed Hurva Synagogue stood until 1948 when it was destroyed by the Arab Legion. Plans to reconstruct the Hurva Synagogue began when Israel re-gained control of the Jewish Quarter in 1967, however it wasn’t until 2000 when the construction began. The new Hurva Synagogue was completed in 2010 and is a truly incredible gem of the Old City. It’s vast dome makes the synagogue totally unique and a truly impressive place to visit. Visiting the Hurv...

    The Cardo in Jerusalem was the main thoroughfare of the city from Roman times. Starting at the Damascus Gate (in the Muslim Quarter) and running right across the city to the Zion Gate (in the Jewish Quarter). The section of Cardo in the Jewish Quarter actually dates from Byzantine times and has been beautifully excavated and restored, with the original shops now functioning as gift shops and cafes. It is a fascinating place to stroll.

    The Herodian Quarter – Wohl Museum of Archaeology

    The Herodian Quarter – The Wohl Museum of Archeology is a fascinating underground museum in which visitors descend to the street level of the Herodian era. The museum features a six-house compound which would have been occupied by aristocratic families and families of Temple Priests (Cohenim). Set on the slope of the hill which descends to the Temple Mount all of these homes would have featured uninterrupted views across to the Temple, and from underneath the current street level of the Old C...

    The Burnt House

    The Burnt House is an interesting exhibition which is also set beneath the streets of Jerusalem, in the basement of the home of the Katros family who lived here 2,000 years ago. The home tells the story of the burning of Jerusalem by the Romans in the first century, and an interesting audio-visual show brings the story to life for visitors. It provides another interesting insight into what life in Jerusalem was like 2,000 years ago. You might also be interested in our multi-dayprivate Jewish...

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    Aug 14, 2019 · The Jewish Quarter in the Old City draws millions of visitors from all around the globe each year. People of every religion and ethnicity come to learn about this small Jewish neighborhood that has stood firm for over 2000 years now. The most iconic symbol of the Jewish Quarter is, of course, the Western Wall. However, the magic of this place ...

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    Jewish Quarter (Tourist Israel) An excellent introduction to the Jewish Quarter, with special concentrations on the Western Wall, the Hurvah Synagogue, and the Cardo. Minimal photos. Minimal photos. The Old City, Jewish Quarter (Frommer’s) Describes the history and main sites of the Jewish Quarter, including hours of operation and prices at ...

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    The Jewish Quarter in Jerusalem's Old City (Hebrew HaRova HaYehudi or the Rova) is one of the four traditional quarters of the Old City of Jerusalem.It lies in the southeastern sector of the walled city, and stretches from the Zion Gate in the south, along the Armenian Quarter on the west, up to the Cardo in the north and and extends to the Western Wall and the Temple Mount in the east.

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    The Jewish Quarter is the second-smallest of the four quarters, and simultaneously its oldest and newest; while this section of Jerusalem has been home to a Jewish population since antiquity, save for the comparatively brief period in which Jews were expelled from the city by Roman authorities, the quarter's architecture dates almost entirely ...

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    The Burnt House (tel. 02/628-7211) is a remnant of the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans in A.D. 70.The wealthy Upper City, site of the present Jewish Quarter, held out for a despairing month after the Lower City and Temple Mount fell.

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    The Old City of Jerusalem is divided into four quarters: 1- Jewish Quarter: 2- Muslim Quarter: 3- Armenian Quarter: 4- Christian Quarter: The Jewish Quarter - is located just west of the Western Wall (back to top). The Jewish Quarter is a thriving modern community with more than 1,000 families.

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    Jun 03, 2015 · The Jewish Quarter contains, among many other significant sites, the excavated Cardo, the Western Wall plaza, and the priciest residential real estate in Jerusalem. To me, there is no more beautiful part of the Old City.