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    John Winston Ono Lennon (born John Winston Lennon; 9 October 1940 – 8 December 1980) was an English singer, songwriter, musician and peace activist who achieved worldwide fame as co-lead vocalist, co-songwriter and rhythm guitarist of the Beatles as well as one of the founders of the group.

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    Perpetrator. Mark David Chapman. On the evening of 8 December 1980, English musician John Lennon, formerly of the Beatles, was shot and fatally wounded in the archway of The Dakota, his residence in New York City. His killer was Mark David Chapman, an American Beatles fan from Hawaii. Chapman said he was angered by Lennon's lifestyle and public ...

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    Lennon was born at Liverpool Women's Hospital in Liverpool. He was son of Alfred Lennon and Julia Lennon. He started the Beatles in his hometown of Liverpool, with Paul McCartney and George Harrison. After Ringo Starr joined the band, they started to be very successful. People were excited by their music, and their live performances always pleased audiences. Manager Brian Epstein and record producer George Martin helped the Beatles become the most popular act in entertainment. Lennon played the guitar, and later learned to play the piano. Most of the songs the Beatles recorded were written by Lennon and McCartney. Their songs were always credited as by "Lennon/McCartney" on Beatles records, but in fact they usually wrote their songs on their own. The two men often helped to make each other's songs better, so they liked to share writing credit. Famous songs written by Lennon for the Beatles are "A Hard Day's Night", "Help!", "Strawberry Fields Forever", "A Day In The Life" and many o...

    Lennon recorded several albums and singles after the Beatles disbanded. The best-known one was Imagine. He made many records with Yoko Ono. On some records they called themselves the Plastic Ono Band. Lennon and Ono worked with different musician friends, including Ringo Starr, Jim Keltner, Klaus Voormann, Harry Nilsson, Eric Clapton and Elton John. Lennon's solo music was different from his Beatles songs. He spoke more directly about his own feelings, and sometimes used harsh language or loud sounds. This upset a few fans, who wished for more Beatles music from him. Lennon and Ono moved to the United States in 1971, and settled in New York City. Ono had a daughter, Kyoko Chan Cox, from an earlier husband, Anthony Cox, a filmmaker, who took her and disappeared. It was easier to look for Kyoko, and get the law's help to look, if they stayed in America. Ono and Lennon were also hurt emotionally by the way Ono was treated by many people in England. Some insulted Ono, and asked Lennon w...

    On December 8, 1980, Lennon was shot dead as he was going into his home, by a man named Mark David Chapman who was mentally ill. Even though he was ill, Chapman was still prosecuted for murder, because he killed Lennon. Chapman pled guilty to the murder the next year, and is still in prison today. He admitted later he was jealous of Lennon's fame and success, while his own life disappointed him. Chapman thought that killing Lennon would give his own life more meaning. He is always refused for parole, and is infamous(hated by many people). Fans all over the world mourned Lennon's death. It made them feel that a special part of their lives was gone. Many met in New York's Central Park, near where Lennon and Ono lived, to say their goodbyes. Some played recordings of Lennon's music. Politicians and celebrities everywhere were sorry Lennon had died, even if they disliked him, because his music meant so much to so many people. Radio stations in the Soviet Union, where rock music was rare...

    With The Beatles

    BRIT Awards: 1. 1977: Outstanding contribution to the recording industry during the past 25 years. 2. 1977: Best British pop group of the past 25 years. 3. 1977: Best British pop album of the past 25 years (for Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band). 4. 1983: Outstanding contribution to music.

    Solo career

    1. 1982 Grammy Award - 1981 Album of the Year (for Double Fantasy) 2. 1982 BRIT Awards- Outstanding contribution to music. 3. In 2002, a 100 Greatest Britons BBC poll voted Lennon into eighth place. 4. In 2004, Rolling Stone magazine ranked Lennon number 38 on its list of "The Immortals: The Fifty Greatest Artists of All Time". 5. In 2008, Rolling Stone magazine ranked Lennon number five on its list of "100 Greatest Singers of All Time".

    Unfinished Music No.1: Two Virgins (with Yoko Ono) (1968)
    Unfinished Music No.2: Life with the Lions (with Yoko Ono) (1969)
    Wedding Album (with Yoko Ono) (1969)
    Live Peace In Toronto (with Plastic Ono Band) (1969)
    1981 Los Angeles, USA, City Hall–East, by Brett-Livingstone Strong.
    2001 John Lennon Park, Havana, Cuba, by José Villa Soberón
    2002 John Lennon Airport, Liverpool, England
    2005 A Coruña, Spain, by Jose Luis Ribas
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    John Lennon was an English singer-songwriter and one of the four principal members of the Beatles.His first three studio albums are experiments with Yoko Ono using tape loops, interviews, musique concrète, and other avant-garde performance techniques.

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    Several poems from Yoko Ono's 1964 book Grapefruit inspired Lennon to write the lyrics for "Imagine" – in particular, one which Capitol Records reproduced on the back cover of the original Imagine LP titled "Cloud Piece", reads: "Imagine the clouds dripping, dig a hole in your garden to put them in." Lennon later said the composition "should be credited as a Lennon/Ono song. A lot of it – the lyric and the concept – came from Yoko, but in those days I was a bit more selfish, a bit more macho, and I sort of omitted her contribution, but it was right out of Grapefruit." When asked about the song's meaning during a December 1980 interview with David Sheff for Playboy magazine, Lennon told Sheff that Dick Gregory had given Ono and him a Christian prayerbook, which inspired him the concept behind "Imagine". With the combined influence of "Cloud Piece" and the prayer book given to him by Gregory, Lennon wrote what author John Blaney described as "a humanistic paean for the people". Blaney...

    Lennon and Ono co-produced the song and album with Phil Spector, who commented on the track: "We knew what we were going to do ... It was going to be John making a political statement, but a very commercial one as well ... I always thought that 'Imagine' was like the national anthem."Lennon described his working arrangement with Ono and Spector: "Phil doesn't arrange or anything like that—[Ono] and Phil will just sit in the other room and shout comments like, 'Why don't you try this sound' or 'You're not playing the piano too well' ... I'll get the initial idea and ... we'll just find a sound from [there]." Recording took place on 27 May 1971 at Ascot Sound Studios, Lennon's newly built home studio at Tittenhurst Park, with string overdubs taking place on 4 July 1971 at the Record Plant, in New York City. Relaxed and patient, the sessions began during the late morning, running to just before dinner in the early evening. Lennon taught the musicians the chord progression and a working...

    In 1972, Lennon and Ono released an 81-minute film to accompany the Imagine album which featured footage of the couple in their home, garden and the recording studio of their Berkshire property at Tittenhurst Park as well as in New York City. A full-length documentary rock video, the film's first scene features a shot of Lennon and Ono walking through a thick fog, arriving at their house as the song "Imagine" begins. Above the front door to their house is a sign that reads: "This Is Not Here", the title of Ono's then New York art show. The next scene shows Lennon sitting at a white grand piano in a dimly lit, all-white room. Ono gradually walks around opening shutters that allow in light, making the room brighter with the song's progression.At the song's conclusion, Ono sits beside Lennon at the piano; they gaze at one another, and then kiss briefly. Several celebrities appeared in the film, including Andy Warhol, Fred Astaire, Jack Palance, Dick Cavett and George Harrison. Derided...

    Rolling Stone described "Imagine" as Lennon's "greatest musical gift to the world", praising "the serene melody; the pillowy chord progression; [and] that beckoning, four-note [piano] figure". Robert Christgau called it "both a hymn for the Movement and a love song for his wife, celebrating a Yokoism and a Marcusianism simultaneously". Included in several song polls, in 1999, BMI named it one of the top 100 most-performed songs of the 20th century. Also that year, it received the Grammy Hall of Fame Award and an induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's 500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll. "Imagine" ranked number 23 in the list of best-selling singles of all time in the UK, in 2000. In 2002, a UK survey conducted by the Guinness World Records British Hit Singles Book ranked it the second best single of all time behind Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody". Gold Radioranked the song number three on its "Gold's greatest 1000 hits" list. Rolling Stone ranked "Imagine" number three on its l...

    In December 1971, Lennon and Ono appeared at the Apollo Theater in Harlem. Lennon performed "Imagine" with an acoustic guitar, yielding the earliest known live recording of the song, later included on the John Lennon Anthology (1998). In 1975, he sang "Imagine" during his final public performance, a birthday celebration for Lew Grade. Elton John performed the song regularly on his world tour in 1980, including at his free concert in Central Park, a few blocks away from Lennon's apartment in The Dakota. On 9 December 1980, the day after Lennon's murder, Queen performed "Imagine" as a tribute to him during their Wembley Arena show in London. In 1983, David Bowie performed it in Hong Kong during his Serious Moonlight Tour, on the third anniversary of Lennon's death. On 9 October 1990, more than one billion people listened to a broadcast of the song on what would have been Lennon's 50th birthday. Ratau Mike Makhalemele covered the song on an EP of Lennon covers in 1990. In 1991–92, Liza...

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    John Winston Ono Lennon, MBE (lahir di Liverpool, Inggris, 9 Oktober 1940 – meninggal di New York City, Amerika Serikat, 8 Desember 1980 pada umur 40 tahun) paling dikenal sebagai penyanyi, pencipta lagu, instrumentalis, penulis, dan aktivis politik yang terkenal di seluruh dunia sebagai pemimpin dari The Beatles.

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    John Winston Lennon sa narodil večer 9. októbra 1940. Obaja rodičia sa venovali hudbe, hoci nie profesionálne. Lennon žil s rodičmi v Liverpoole, kým jeho otec, Fred Lennon, námorník, neopustil rodinu. Lennonova matka Julia sa nebola schopná o Johna sama postarať a dala ho do výchovy svojej sestre Mimi. Lennon žil s tetou Mimi a jej manželom až do puberty. Počas puberty sa Lennon stal silne krátkozrakým a bol nútený začať nosiť okuliare. V začiatkoch kariéry The Beatles nosil kontaktné šošovky alebo dioptrické slnečné okuliare.V roku 1967, kedy účinkoval vo filme Richarda Lestera How I won the warnosil známe okrúhle okuliare, dnes známe ako lennonky, ktoré už mu na tvári zostali. Napriek tomu, že John nevyrastal s matkou, zostal s ňou v pravidelnom kontakte. Julia priviedla Johna k záujmu o hudbu a učila ho hrať na bendžo. 15. júla 1958 ju zrazilo auto riadené opitým policajtom mimo službu a Julia následkom zranení podľahla. Táto udalosť ovplyvnila mnohé neskoršie Lennonove skladby...

    Ako člen The Beatles mal Lennon výrazný vplyv na rokenrolovú hudbu a rozširovanie hraníc tohto žánru v priebehu 60. rokov minulého storočia. Spolu s Paulom McCartneym je považovaný za jedného z najvplyvnejších spevákov, skladateľov a hudobníkov 20. storočia. Lennon je pokladaný za výraznejšieho textára, pričom McCartney je považovaný za výraznejšieho skladateľa. Napriek tomu, že ide o zjednodušenie, tento názor sa zakladá na pravde, keďže piesne dua Lennon-McCartney inšpirované Lennonom sú hlbšie a prepracovanejšie, s textami často v prvej osobe a zaoberajúce sa osobnými záležitosťami. Lennonove texty sú tiež často viac lyrické, čo súvisí i s jeho obľubou hrať sa so slovami a vymýšľať viaczmyselné a zvláštne slová. Jeho najsurrealistickejšie kúsky Strawberry Fields Forever (Navždy jahodové polia) a I Am The Walrus (Som mrož) sú najlepším príkladom Lennonovho výnimočného štýlu. Lennonove partnerstvo s McCartneym zahŕňalo aj vyvažovanie McCartneyho bezstarostného, pozitívneho štýlu. J...

    Ešte počas existencie The Beatles Lennon natočil s Yoko Ono tri experimentálne albumy – Unfinished Music No.1: Two Virgins, Unfinished Music No.2: Life with the Lions, a Wedding Album. Jeho prvým sólovým albumom populárnej hudby bol koncertný album Live Peace in Toronto 1969 z roku 1969, teda ešte pred rozpadom skupiny. Na festivale v Toronte vystúpil so skupinou Plastic Ono Band, ktorej členmi boli aj Eric Clapton a Klaus Voormann. Piesne, s ktorými na koncerte vystúpili si nacvičili cestou lietadlom do Kanady. V prvej fáze svojej sólovej kariéry Lennon nahral tri single: protivojnovú hymnu Give Peace a Chance, Cold Turkey (o boji s heroínovou závislosťou) a Instant Karma!. Po rozpade The Beatles v roku 1970 Lennon vydal album John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band, surový, brutálne úprimný album. Mnohí sa nazdávajú, že tento album silne ovplyvnil neskoršiu hardrockovú a punkovúhudbu. V roku 1971 vydal svoj najúspešnejší album Imagine. Titulná pieseň bola ďalšou protivojnovou a protinábožens...

    Pod tlakom dojmov z prebiehajúcej vietnamskej vojny a nahratí skladby "Give Peace A Chance" v roku 1969 sa John Lennon stal protivojnovým aktivistom. Toto obdobie kulminovalo do roku 1972, keď Nixonova administratíva začala uvažovať o jeho vyhostení z USA[chýba zdroj]. Vietnamská vojna mobilizovala veľké množstvo mladých ľudí v vzbure proti zahraničnej politike americkej vlády, ktorú podporovalo aj niekoľko vtedy populárnych osobností hlavne spevákov folkových piesní ako boli Joan Baezová a Bob Dylan. Pieseň "Give Peace a Chance" sa stala hymnou protivojnového hnutia a bola spievaná viac ako pol miliónom demonštrantov v novembri 1969 na druhom zhromaždení nazvanom Vietnam Moratorium Day, ktoré sa konalo vo Washingtone. Spev tejto piesne viedla vtedajšia spevácka hviezda, folkový spevák Pete Seeger, ktorý medzi pôvodný text vkladal aj slová "Are you listening, Nixon?" (počúvate Nixon?) a "Are you listening, Agnew?" (Počúvate Angew? – Angew bol vtedajší viceprezident USA), medzi refré...

    V roku 1980 Lennon počas dovolenky na Bermudách spolu s Yoko Ono pracoval na materiáli pre ich budúci konceptuálny album, nazvaný Double Fantasy. Inšpiráciou pre názov albumu bol druh frézie, ktorý John uvidel v bermudskej botanickej záhrade. Tento názov výstižne popisoval to, čo počas ich spoločného manželstva zažili. Comeback sprevádzaný vydaním tohto albumu si naplánovali na koniec roku 1980. Lennonovci začali pracovať na prezentácii ich nového albumu. Poskytli série interview, nakrútili niekoľko videí. Singel z albumu "(Just Like) Starting Over" začal stúpať v singlových rebríčkoch a John začal uvažovať o koncertnom turné. Spolu s Yoko nahrávali materiály pre jeho nasledujúci album, ktorý vyšiel v roku 1984 pod názvom Milk and Honey. Lennon v tom čase obýval byt v apartmánovom dome na severozápadnom konci 72. ulice a západného okraja Central parku v New York City, ktorý je známy pod názvom The Dakota. 8. decembra 1980 o piatej popoludní odchádzali John a Yoko z bytu na jednanie,...

    Literárna tvorba

    Okrem autorstva textov v piesňach The Beatles i vo svojich sólových projektoch John Lennon je aj autorom niekoľkých knižiek básní a krátkej prózy. 23. marca 1964 vydal svoju prvotinu pod názvom John Lennon: In His Own Write (ISBN 0-684-86807-5). Je to zbierka krátkych poviedok, ktoré si sám ilustroval. Sú napísané v surrealistickom duchu.Knižka vyšla v roku 1996 v českom preklade pod názvom John Lennon: Písání(Argo, Praha 1996, ISBN 80-7203-003-5).24. júna 1965 vyšla druhá knižka pod názvom J...

    Dokumentárne a hrané filmy

    1. The U.S. Versus John Lennon 2. Imagine: John Lennon 3. How I Won The War

    ↑ Lennon vrátil svoju medailu MBE (Rad britského impéria) Kráľovnej, po 4 rokoch od jej udelenia, čo oznámil na tlačovej konferencii 25. novembra 1969 (Pozri John Lennon - Returning his MBE na yout...
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    • anglický spevák, gitarista, člen skupiny The Beatles
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    John Winston Ono Lennon MBE ( Liverpool, 9 de outubro de 1940 – Nova Iorque, 8 de dezembro de 1980) foi um cantor, compositor e ativista da paz britânico que co-fundou os Beatles, a banda de maior sucesso comercial na história da música popular.

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    Alfred Lennon (14 December 1912 – 1 April 1976), also known as Freddie Lennon, was an Englishman best known as the father of musician John Lennon.Alfred spent many years in an orphanage with his sister, Edith, after his father died.

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    De John Winston Lennon (schpäter John Ono Lennon) (* 9. Oktober 1940 z Liverpool, Änglond; † 8. Dezembar 1980 z New York, USA), isch ä änglischer Musiker, Komponischt un Autor gsi. Er isch Mitgrinder vun de britischi Band The Beatles gsi, wu ra au mit em Paul McCartney d Mehrzahl vun de Stick defir komponiert het.

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