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  1. The definition of “kudos,” according to The Cambridge Dictionary, is “the public admiration that a person receives as a result of a particular achievement or position in society.”. As you can see, this meaning is directly related to the achievement and praise side of the phrase, rather than the sarcastic side of it.

  2. ku·dos. (ko͞o′dōz′, -dōs′, -dŏs′, kyo͞o′-) n. Acclaim or praise for exceptional achievement. [Greek kūdos, magical glory .] Usage Note: Kudos is one of those words like congeries that look like plurals but are etymologically singular. Acknowledging the Greek history of the term requires Kudos is (not are) due her for her brilliant work on the score.

  3. noun Definition of kudos as in applause public acknowledgment or admiration for an achievement the attorney did pro bono work because it was the right thing to do, and not for any future kudos that it might bring Synonyms & Similar Words Relevance applause accolade glory credit acclaim praise honor laud commendation props homage ovation fame

  4. Kudos given to track record breakers. Kudos is often used, as in these examples, in contexts that do not clearly indicate whether it is singular or plural; and because it ends in -s, the marker of regular plurals in English, kudos has come to be widely regarded and used as a plural noun meaning “accolades” rather than as a singular mass noun meaning “honor or glory.”

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  6. Jan 12, 2022 · The English dictionary defines kudos (ˈkjuːdɒs) as the praise, honor, and renown received for an achievement. It is an excellent synonym to use in circumstances when someone has accomplished something great, and you want to let them know that you appreciate what they’ve done.

  7. kudos noun [ U ] uk / ˈkjuː.dɒs / us / ˈkuː.dɑːs / the public admiration that a person receives as a result of a particular achievement or position in society: Being an actor has a certain amount of kudos attached to it. Compare praise noun SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases Fame and famous A-list A-lister acclaimed annal anyone catapult

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