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    The Opéra-Comique is a Paris opera company, which was founded around 1714 by some of the popular theatres of the Parisian fairs.In 1762 the company was merged with, and for a time took the name of its chief rival the Comédie-Italienne at the Hôtel de Bourgogne, and was also called the Théâtre-Italien up to about 1793, when it again became most commonly known as the Opéra-Comique.

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    Opéra comique (French: [ɔpeʁa kɔmik]; plural: opéras comiques) is a genre of French opera that contains spoken dialogue and arias.It emerged from the popular opéras comiques en vaudevilles of the Fair Theatres of St Germain and St Laurent (and to a lesser extent the Comédie-Italienne), which combined existing popular tunes with spoken sections.

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    The Opera Comique was a 19th-century theatre constructed in Westminster, London, between Wych Street, Holywell Street and the Strand.It opened in 1870 and was demolished in 1902, to make way for the construction of the Aldwych and Kingsway.

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    The Opera Comique was Norway's first permanent opera company. The company operated at Stortingsgata no. 16 and existed from 1918 to 1921. Its first major production was Tannhäuser with tenor Erling Krogh in the starring role. Altogether, the company staged 26 operas, including the Norwegian opera Bruderovet by Gerhard Schjelderup.

    By 1918, entertainment venues were already operating on and just off of Stortingsgata. These included the Brødrene Hals concert hall at Stortingsgata 22–24, the Tivoli entertainment center, the National Theater, the Theater Café, the Chat Noir cabaret, and cinemas: Kinematograf-Teatret, Bio-Kino, Kosmorama, and Boulevard.

    Construction on the building at Stortingsgata 16 started in 1917 to create a business venue with a stage. After much discussion, it was decided that the venue would be used for an opera because there was no opera yet in Oslo. The building, designed by Henry Coll, was completed in 1918.

    The opening performance at the opera took place on November 30, 1918. Benno Singer, the director at Tivoli, established and managed the opera after the decision was made on the venue's use. The establishment of a permanent opera in Oslo offered Norwegian opera singers an opportunity to develop in their home environment; among those that appeared at the Opera Comique was Kirsten Flagstad. During these three years, the Hungarian tenor Alexander Varnay, the father of Astrid Varnay, was the opera's

  6. The Opéra-Comique is an opera house and opera company in Paris. Its full name is théâtre national de l’Opéra-Comique (National Opéra Comic Theatre). The Opéra-Comique company was started in 1714 to give somewhere to perform French operas. At the time operas throughout Europe were nearly always in Italian.

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    L'opéra-comique de ces années s'autonomise, tant musicalement que théâtralement. Les intermèdes musicaux prennent plus d'ampleur (grâce à des musiciens comme Jean Joseph Mouret, Michel Corrette ou Nicolas Bernier) et les livrets se tournent vers des sujets nouveaux, comme la campagne idéalisée, la féerie, l'exotique, l'orientalisme.

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    La opéra-comique («ópera cómica») es un género lírico surgido en el siglo XVIII a partir de la comédie-ballet.Surge en París, dentro de las representaciones populares por las fiestas anuales de San Lorenzo y San Germán, cuando se autorizaba el canto (que durante un tiempo estuvo prohibido).

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    Opéra comique (též psáno opéra-comique) je v Paříži vzniklý a především francouzský operní žánr, při němž nejsou hudební čísla propojena recitativy, ale mluvenými dialogy. Je příbuzná německému singspielu , italské opeře buffě , klasické španělské zarzuele nebo anglické ballad opera .

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    Den här artikeln handlar om operagenren opéra comique. För operahuset i Paris, se Opéra-Comique.. Opéra comique är en fransk opera med talad dialog.. Benämningen härstammar från slutet av 1600-talet och avsåg då de komiska sångspel som uppfördes på Théatre Italien i Paris, och från början av 1700-talet även repertoaren på marknadsteatrarna i Pariskvarteren Saint-Germain och ...

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    A place of character, the Opéra Comique opens its doors for you to organize private events (fashion shows, meetings, cocktail parties, dinners, film shooting…), with a capacity ranging from 10 to 1200. Read more