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    Osaka was traditionally considered Japan's economic hub. By the Kofun period (300–538) it had developed into an important regional port, and in the 7th and 8th centuries, it served briefly as the imperial capital. Osaka continued to flourish during the Edo period (1603–1867) and became known as a center of Japanese culture.

    • 1-3-20 Nakanoshima, Kita-ku, Ōsaka-shi, Ōsaka-fu, 530-8201
    • Osaka Prefecture
  2. Naomi Osaka - Wikipedia

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Naomi Osaka (大坂 なおみ, Ōsaka Naomi, Japanese pronunciation: [o̞ːsäkä näo̞mi], born October 16, 1997) is a Japanese professional tennis player. Osaka has been ranked No. 1 by the Women's Tennis Association (WTA), and is the first Asian player to hold the top ranking in singles.

    • 1.80 m (5 ft 11 in)
    • September 2013
    • Right-handed, (two-handed backhand)
    • RR (2018, 2019)
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    Osaka Prefecture is a prefecture of Japan located in the Kansai region of Honshu. Osaka Prefecture has a population of 8,823,358 and has a geographic area of 1,905 km2. Osaka Prefecture borders Hyōgo Prefecture to the northwest, Kyoto Prefecture to the north, Nara Prefecture to the southeast, and Wakayama Prefecture to the south. Osaka is the capital and largest city of Osaka Prefecture, and the third-largest city in Japan, with other major cities including Sakai, Higashiōsaka, and...

    In 2010, the Osaka Restoration Association was created with backing by Governor Tōru Hashimoto, attempting to reform Osaka Prefecture into Osaka Metropolis reducing affiliated organizations of Osaka Prefecture and the City of Osaka. In the 2011 local elections the ...

    Osaka Prefecture neighbors the prefectures of Hyōgo and Kyoto in the north, Nara in the east and Wakayama in the south. The west is open to Osaka Bay. The Yodo and Yamato Rivers flow through the prefecture. Prior to the construction of Kansai International Airport, Osaka was the smallest prefecture in Japan. The artificial island on which the airport was built added enough area to make it slightly larger than Kagawa Prefecture. As of 1 April 2012, 11% of the total land area of the ...

    The gross prefecture product of Osaka for the fiscal year 2004 was ¥38.7 trillion, second after Tokyo with an increase of 0.9% from the previous year. This represented approximately 48% of the Kinki region. The per capita income was ¥3.0 million, seventh in the nation. Commercial sales the same year was ¥60.1 trillion.

    According to the 2005 Population Census of Japan, Osaka prefecture has a population of 8,817,166, an increase of 12,085, or 0.14%, since the Census of year 2000. As of 2013 this prefecture has about 200,000 ethnic Korean persons, the largest such population of any prefecture in Japan. Osaka City. As of 2013 most ethnic Korean children attend ordinary Japanese public schools, although some Korean schools operated by the Chongryon and classes for ethnic Koreans had opened in the prefecture. During

    • 大阪府
    • Honshu
  5. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Osaka (大阪) is the capital city of Osaka Prefecture which faces Osaka Bay and the Seto Inland Sea. Osaka is in the Kansai region. It is the economic and cultural center of the Kansai region.

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    Osaka (大阪, Ōsaka) is a ceety in the Kansai region o Japan's main island o Honshū, the designatit ceety unner the Local Autonomy Law, the caipital ceety o Osaka Prefectur an an' a' the hert o Greater Osaka Aurie. Locatit at the mooth o the Yodo River on Osaka Bay, Osaka is the third lairgest ceety bi population efter Tokyo an Yokohama.

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    • Osaka
  7. Siege of Osaka - Wikipedia

    The siege of Osaka (大坂の役, Ōsaka no Eki, or, more commonly, 大坂の陣 Ōsaka no Jin) was a series of battles undertaken by the Tokugawa shogunate against the Toyotomi clan, and ending in that clan's destruction.

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    Osaka Castle (大坂城 or 大阪城,, Ōsaka-jō) is a Japanese castle in Chūō-ku, Osaka, Japan. The castle is one of Japan's most famous landmarks and it played a major role in the unification of Japan during the sixteenth century of the Azuchi-Momoyama period.

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    Osaka International Airport (大阪国際空港, Ōsaka Kokusai Kūkō) (IATA: ITM, ICAO: RJOO), often referred to as Itami Airport (伊丹空港, Itami Kūkō) is the primary regional airport for the Kansai region of Japan, including the major cities of Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe.

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    Naomi holds 2 nationalities– American and Japanese. Naomi was born on 16 October 1997 (age- 21 years; as in 2018), in Chūō-ku, Osaka, Japan. However, her hometown is Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA. She is a high school graduate, and her schooling has been from New York and Florida. A Christian by religion, her ethnicity is Haitian from her father’s side and Japanese from her mother’s side.

    Naomi’s has a small close knit family, Father– Leonard Maxime Francois, Mother– Tamaki Osaka, and Sister– Mari Osaka (Elder, Tennis Player).She grew up in a multicultural house; as her mother was born in Japan, and her father was born in Haiti.

    Naomi is a right-handed player who has been coached by Patrick Tauma, Harold Solomon, David Taylor and Sascha Bajin. She turned pro in September 2013. 1. The turning point in her career was 2014 Bank of the West Classic. 1. Her favourite shot is Forehand. 1. She was the WTA Newcomer of the Year in 2016. 1. She was also the 1st Japanese to win a Grand Slam title.

    Naomi has an athletic build, weighing 70 kg and is 5′ 11″ tall. Her eye colour is black, and the hair colour is brown.

    1. Her favourite destination is Tokyo. 1. Naomi’s favourite tennis players are Serena Williams, Novak Djokovic. She even defeated her idol Serena Williams in the 2018 US Open. 1. Naomi likes to play on Grass court. 1. Her favourite coach is Richard Williams. 1. Being Japanese, Naomi is fond of eating Sushi. 1. She loves listening to Beyonce, Amanda Palmer, Hikaru Utata. 1. Naomi’s favourite film is Planet of Apes. 1. Open by Andre Agassi, is one of her favourite books.

    1. Naomi was 3 years old when her parents moved from Japan to New York; following their family disputes. Later, they settled down in Florida. 1. Naomi and her sister use their mother’s surname instead of their father’s; because when they were in Japan, their “Osaka” surname made it easier for them to get admission in schools and get rented houses. 1. Despite living in the U.S. since the age of 3, she represents Japan. 1. The Osaka sisters began practising tennis at a young age under the guid...

  10. Kansai International Airport - Wikipedia

    In the 1960s, when the Kansai region was rapidly losing trade to Tokyo, planners proposed a new airport near Kobe and Osaka. The city's original international airport, Itami Airport, located in the densely populated suburbs of Itami and Toyonaka, was surrounded by buildings; it could not be expanded, and many of its neighbours had filed complaints because of noise pollution problems.

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