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    What are the main languages spoken in the Philippines?

    How many languages are there in the Philippines?

    What is the universal language of the Philippines?

    What language do they speak in the Phillipines?

  2. Tagalog and Cebuano are the most commonly spoken native languages, together comprising about half of the population of the Philippines. Only Filipino and English are official languages and are taught in schools. This, among other reasons, has resulted in a rivalry between the two language groups. [13] National and official languages [ edit]

    • Waray

      Waray (also known as Waray-Waray or Bisaya/Binisaya nga...

    • Language

      The Bikol languages or Bicolano languages are a group of...

  3. Central Philippine languages (40 languages, including Tagalog, Bikol languages and Visayan languages) Palawan languages (3 languages) Subanen languages (6 languages; sometimes considered one dialect cluster) Danao languages (3 languages; Iranun language, Maguindanao and Maranao) Manobo languages (15 languages)

  4. Between 120 and 187 languages are spoken on the Phiilippines. [1] [2] [3] For over three centuries, the Philippines were a colony of Spain. Amongst others, the Spanish introduced free public schools, which taught in Spanish. [4] For a long time, the United States controlled the Philippines, so English is also commonly understood.

  5. Tagalog is widely spoken and is the most understood language in all the Philippine Regions. It is not divided into smaller daughter languages, as Visayan or Bikol are. Its literary tradition is the richest of all native Philippine languages, the most developed and extensive (mirroring that of the Tuscan language vis-à-vis Italian ).

    • 28 million (2022), 82 million total speakers (2022)
    • Philippines
  6. the Filipino language, a standardized register of the Tagalog language and national language of the Philippines one of the languages of the Philippines one of the Philippine languages, a linguistic grouping See also [ edit] Proto-Philippine language This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title Philippine language.

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